Sunset Overdrive – Weapons Arsenal “as large as the largest Ratchet arsenals”

OnlySP: One of the main things that Insomniac Games is known for is their creative weaponry found across all their game titles with the Ratchet and Clank series being at the forefront of their creative skills. Sunset Overdrive continues their zany outlook on weaponry as we noted in our first details article yesterday.

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AngelicIceDiamond1473d ago

"the arsenal of projectile weapons in the game is as large as the largest Ratchet arsenals."


christocolus1473d ago

Awesome. That's great to hear.

PockyKing1473d ago

I hope they put in some type of arena area to earn extra stuff like they did in the original PS2 games.

lifeisgamesok1473d ago

And Insomniac said there are many types of enemies in the game as well

tokugawa1473d ago

i get the feeling that insomniac are going to hit it out of the park with SO... i am going take a day or two off of work when this launches

MazzingerZ1472d ago (Edited 1472d ago )

This game looks like a lot of fun! Too bad I won't be able to play it on PS4 when I get mine after the summer, the only left is to look forward to the next R&C game on PS4.

Insomniac's weapons are always tons of fun so awesome that one forgets to use all of them, it always happened in R&C kept using the same 2 or 3 despite of having more, everybody find their favourite ;)

randomass1711472d ago

Yeesh... wonder how much weapon variety we'll see. Knowing Insomniac it'll be huge.

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Qrphe1473d ago

Yes, so stoked for this!

DJustinUNCHAIND1473d ago (Edited 1473d ago )


Although I've never played R&C or Resistance, I know Insomniac have a knack(hope I don't get sued) for making crazy weapons.

Darkfist1473d ago (Edited 1473d ago )

and you waited until they made a xbox exclusive to praise their 'crazy weapons', but it was boring when its on playstation right?

4Sh0w1472d ago (Edited 1472d ago )

Huh?, Where did he say it was boring on playstation? Maybe he just got into gaming last gen and only had a xbox 360, not because he hated ps just only owned 1 console to play Halo or whatever with friends. I don't know if that's his situation but theres lots of reasons why someone has never played R&C, Resistance or any exclusive on a particular platform= none of which suggest they hated or thought those games were boring, some folks just have tight budgets or like I said many other reasons for not playing a certain game before. Now if he prefers xbox only as his platform of choice he can enjoy games from Insomniac too, like ps only folks can enjoy games from Bungie.

Personally I've owned all platforms every gen and I've played all Insomniac games, I like them and it didn't bother me which platform they catered to, but this gen given I've decided only to buy an X1(for now) because I don't have as much gaming time as I used to. I'm just glad to play SO, not because its exclusive but because it looks like a kickass game and I fully understand I'm going to miss out on some ps4 games like infamous SS, The Order, that's fine well until I change my mind an get a ps4. You see its just about making choices without negativity toward the other.

Clown_Syndr0me1472d ago

Where the hell did he put down PS? Why the hell are you people so defensive!!
He never even mentioned being an Xbox fan, for all we know hes a PC gamer, or a Wii gamer...or hes just lost on the internet with no real reason to be here.
Either way your comment isn't justified.

Bundi1472d ago

You are on a rampage accusing people of all sorts of things aren't you? Funny thing is that your accusations are baseless, you attack every Xbox fan that likes this game and claim they didn't like Resistance or Insomniac or Infamous or whatever fits your current agenda.

malokevi1472d ago

why don't you have some salt with your salt?

randomass1711472d ago

Dude come on, don't be so antagonistic. All he did was praise Insomniac. I don't have a Wii U, but I can still think it looks like an exciting console.

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PainUzumaki1473d ago

As a PS4 owner If E3 is looking good for XboxOne and they have tons of new games coming soon. I might have to pick one up for this game but I still cant pay 500$ for this. Hopefully theyll announce a kinectless Xbox

typittt691472d ago

Good on you for being a gamer. I own both and it's awesome.

randomass1711472d ago

So many disagrees for being excited. Shame. I feel the same way to be honest. I cannot wait to try out Overdrive as well as The Order and all the other sweet games that have been announced.

Muadiib1472d ago

Yeah I'm a pc gamer and I'm on the same page tbh, when both consoles have a decent amount of AAA games and they get reduced in price a bit, (especially the x1, which also needs to sack off the horrible Kinect) then I'll take the leap into this generation of consoles.

Bonkerz1473d ago

This game is going to be so sick. This definitely moved up to the top spot of upcoming games for me. This and Quantum Break = me happy lol.

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