PlayStation at E3: Six games Sony needs to show writes: What games does Sony absolutely need to show at E3?

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Massacred1258d ago

Last Guardian, Project Beast and Agent Would be cool too....

NewMonday1258d ago

I have high expectation for the GG RPG, the studio make great graphics, combined with the new writer from fallout New Vegas we could have a perfect game.

story driven RPGs (western or Japanese) are my top genre, so this game could overtake Uncharted as my most wanted game.

jsslifelike1256d ago

Three words: LEGEND. OF. DRAGOON.

AngelicIceDiamond1258d ago

Well there's 2 heavy weights we know already.

The Oder: 1886 and Uncharted 4.

As well as Santa Monica's project GOW possibility.

So those 3 games alone will make for one hell of a show imo.

BlakHavoc1257d ago

I wouldn't count on SSM showing up to the show. At least not with a new game, previously we knew of 2 teams inside SSM that were working on a project. Stigs team, and Cory Barlogs team, unfortunately Stig's sci-fi game was canned and he left the studio. Cory's game is no where near ready to show according to him, he's been on twitter recently stating that his game is not ready for a reveal yet and there may be some time before we see it. So unless there was a small team working on a 3rd unannounced title, i doubt we'll see a GoW4 or a new IP from SSM. But a Ascension port is a possibility at E3.

Mr1Y1257d ago

Im going to have to disagree with you, the order does not really intrigue me(opinion), but uncharted definitely gets me pumps for Sony conference as well as GG new open world RPG

whybag1257d ago

Give me Last Guardian, or confirm it's dead. The waiting game has been killing me for like, 6 years!

Aceman181257d ago

Will it be the same corporate mudslinging we’ve come to expect from Sony?

don't you just love it when so called journalists can't leave out their personal feelings from their articles lol?

anyway OT i believe we will see the Last Guardian this year along with

Project Beast
Guerrilla Games new IP
The Order

i believe there might be a few surprises also like the return of a couple of old favorites

an outside that might shock the s**t out of everyone would be a surprise reveal of a fan favorite in

Shenmue 3.

eraisu1257d ago

last guardian?? you guys still think that game even exist anymore?? but but i need this game so bad *sniff

whybag1256d ago

Then they should stop saying it's not canceled in interviews.

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Lowsnamebrand1258d ago

Number one should've Been last guardian

DanielGearSolid1258d ago


Where The Last Guardian at?

Where Agent at?


AngelicIceDiamond1258d ago

I dunno if we'll see Agent to be honest.

But Agent will be a HUGE surprise though.

LackTrue4K1257d ago

just give up on that "the last guaridan" crap, the game is not coming out....get over it. Same with Agent...

put your mind on new stuff/games.

LOGICWINS1257d ago

I have to agree with the comment above.

We haven't heard anything substantial about Agent/TLG in half a decade. I personally don't care if either of them ever get released. Way too much other stuff to be excited for like UC4, The Order, and other AAA exclusives from Sony's first party studios. I hope we see some gameplay for the Witcher 3 or Arkham Knight as well.

Announcing some new JRPGs/JRPG remakes/AAA exclusives for Vita will be CRITICAL at this conference if they ever want the Vita to be truly successful. At this rate, there most definitely won't be a Vita 2. The price is right, the value is right, now Sony just needs a system seller besides Persona 4.

BlakHavoc1257d ago

I think expecting Agent is kind of far fetched, the most I expect from Rockstar is for them to allow Sony to announce GTA5 on PS4. I'd be completely BLOWN AWAY if they announced the Agent as an exclusive to the PS4.

jivah1257d ago

Fck agent that game is a goner... i want the Getaway !!

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Speak_da_Truth1257d ago

ughhhh E3 why u no come fast???

Austin481257d ago

I hope we get a The Last of Us 2 teaser and I'm looking forward to the order 1886

thejigisup1257d ago

I could hold off on tlou2 anything. It's too soon for me I'm still waiting to get it on upgrade and play it again just on my ps4. Fill the space with something unexpectedly good and new.

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