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Tomb Raider for PS4, Xbox One sales are "favorable"

Ahead of its annual sales report next week, Square Enix announced today that it has raised its financial targets, thanks in part to "favorable" sales of the Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. (PS4, Square Enix, Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, Xbox One)

incendy35  +   113d ago
Well I guess we can look forward to many more re-mastered games from last gen :D.
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christocolus  +   113d ago
I hope that doesn't become the norm.
vishmarx  +   113d ago
just cause 2 hd r,
deus ex hr hdr,
hitman absolution hdr,
sleeping dogs hdr
Mikelarry  +   113d ago
some will try to take advantage of this but the bubble will soon bust and those that depend on this heavily instead of trying to take risk on new ips will only have themselves to blame
AussieBadger  +   113d ago
Hello christocolus. You forget some people like remastered games. So I suppose your not going to buy halo 2 then because its remastered. You also forget people might not have played the remastered game before...
christocolus  +   112d ago
@mike larry

Yeah, my thoughts exactly..more publishers may start taking less risks and remastering crappy titles from last gen.


You read all that from my statement? I am looking forward to halo2 but as mike stated I do hope that down the line devs don't start using it as a means to avoid taking risk with new ips this gen.. Halo2 is a classic and is ten years old.my brother and i were much younger when it was made launching an anniversary edition to mark its 10 year anniversary aint such a bad idea.


You aint alone, I totally agree with you. Its what I was trying to say. Some games were classics and maybe didn't sell too well and may need to be remastered to help with sales and some other studios may want to use sales from remastered editions to fund new ips but I can also bet that there will be some greedy/lazy publishers and devs who will try to avoid risks with new ips and instead go back to remastering crappy old ips from last gen.
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BakPAin  +   112d ago
Same here. I mean dont get me wrong, remasters are good for those who are getting new console and missed out. But I feel like were letting devs get away with one here. I rather new ips or sequels to the awesome games from last gen.

Im probably alone on this one but just mho.k
Thantalas  +   112d ago
I'm glad to see Square Enix also find the Final Fantasy X/X2 HD sale 'favourable.' Hopefully this success means we'll get to see a Final Fantasy XII remaster too.

If a publisher is churning out lazy ports then I understand why they might be thought of as greedy. But if they only make remasters of some of their biggest best loved games then for a relatively low cost it brings in more money for investment into new games.
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mrmarx  +   112d ago
i need skyrim red dead redemption and fallout 3.
Tedakin  +   113d ago
The games industry is turning into the movie industry... not in a good way. They realize they can just remake the same old crap, put it out, and everyone will scoop it up! Why make new things?
Tedakin  +   113d ago
Disagree? Okay, have fun with your Tomb Raider, Last of Us, Mass Effect Trilogy, Grand Theft Auto 5, Halo 2, God of War Ascension remixes you already paid full price for, and have the chance to do so again!
CaEsAr-  +   113d ago
I agree with you. While it maybe an optional purchases, I'd prefer they spend their resources to make new games.
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Chillstep  +   112d ago
You act like devs are only working on remasters. Do you really think it takes hundreds of people to port these games?
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devwan  +   112d ago
@Tedakin Not everyone has played every game from the previous generation. Personally I bought but never got around to playing the Mass Effect games so would like the opportunity to do so on my new console. GTA5 I never bought, I just waited for the port to newer hardware. Tomb Raider was one I missed out on and picked up digitally for half price in a flash sale. Some of us are happy we have the opportunity to play these games early in the new console lifecycles when new releases are in shorter supply than they are normally, but it really isn't a matter of "everyone scooping up their c**p".

From the dev perspective, some use it as a means of getting to grips with the new hardware by redirecting their existing games/codebase with the benefit of an end product to recoup costs.
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Jonny5isalive  +   112d ago
I disagree because what you are complaining about is games re-releasing recent games or series as a cash grab. Sometimes they bring back ports of older games as DL titles and thats not bad really. I understand why you are complaining but its not what hollywood is doing.

Movies are bringing back everything from the 80s/90s and redoing it with flashy CGI and completely different movies. They are not doing what starwars did int the 90s releasing the old movies in theaters for a new audience with some added effects. They are redoing everything and bastardizing every franchise that ever lived. Ninja turtles is next and soon will come short circuit even.
mkis007  +   112d ago
A lot of games made last gen were made ahead of their time... The good ones are worth getting this treatment. Screen technology has advanced, anti-aliasing has became very important with the dawn of HD becoming mainstream.

Perhaps the best argument though is what many have pointed out. A remaster is a nice simple fast way for devs to get a crash course in ps4/x1 development, without needing to dedicate years to a single game.
showtimefolks  +   113d ago
i know people will twist this many ways, but bottom line is most publishers can only release these remakes within first 12-18 months. because after that new games(new IP's or sequels)start coming

TLOU is coming
GTA5 it seems will be announced at sony's E3(from leaks)
I would love to get god of war 3 on ps4
Yakuza complete collection on ps4
bioshock collection
Mass Effect trilogy with all the DLC
Uncharted Trilogy
Infamous collection
Gears of war
RED DEAD REDEMPTION(just imagine how great it would look)

but i would settle for TLOU and GTA5

people will make a fuss over nothing yet don't realize that these ports are done by an external studio. Meaning the main team is hard at work on other stuff. And it doesn't cost a lot of port so why not(extra money for publishers for future games)
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SixtyNine  +   113d ago
There are some game I would re-buy simply because they'll benefit from better hardware.

Better graphics
Smoother game-play

Stuff like texture pop in will be erased. Random slow downs and so on. Unreal Engine 3 running on consoles comes to mind.
mkis007  +   112d ago

The bane of my existence. I will not be happy until devs come up with a solution.

Rage actually had one of the best techs to deal with it. Too bad the game was way too short.

Just cause 2 might have been the best, with the environment. Runway pop up was terrible.
Codey47  +   112d ago
You'll need a Hybrid SSD or an SSD to get rid of the texture streaming. That's the only way to almost eradicate the problem

As rightly said Unreal 3 and id tech 5 being the biggest offenders.

RaGe was the worst offending title imo compared to Unreal 3. RaGe was constantly streaming as opposed to Unreal 3 initially streaming textures at the beginning of a freshly loaded scene or level ...I upgraded to a 750GB Momentus XT on PS3. The difference is night and day.

PS4 games still have the same problem as last gen. I'll be upgrading, just waiting for a drive, something larger than 1.5TB.
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BitbyDeath  +   113d ago
I want a Warhawk Remaster
Salooh  +   112d ago
Tenchu Remaster
Ape escape Remaster
Dark Cloud Remaster

O.O . That would give me a heart attack from excitement .
Bathyj  +   113d ago
I say good for them. It's a great game that I played on Ps3, but instead of taking the popular route and whining about remakes, I waited a few weeks and got it half price, then enjoyed the crap out of it again.
T2  +   112d ago
Now that is the way to do it.
ufo8mycat  +   113d ago
I was really hoping these relaunched games from last gen would sell poorly.

Yes the graphics are better, but you are still playing the same damn game. Same gameplay. Same story. Same experience.

TLOU is an exception, well because it's one of the greatest games ever made, but come on people, don't make this the norm.
AceBlazer13  +   113d ago
Same game some didn't get to play last gen.
AussieBadger  +   113d ago
I agree with you ace. People must think i've played that game, stuff all the people that have not. Simple solution for them is don't buy it then because there are alot of people that will.
theXtReMe1  +   113d ago
Im playing it now and it is the best game Ive played so far on the system. The graphics are astonishing and the gameplay is a blast! Very cinematic and great voice acting. I didnt get a chance to play it last gen, so for me, its a breath of fresh air. Granted, I havent played Infamous yet, but it wont change my mind on how much Im enjoying this game.

Awesome experience, if you havent played it yet. If you have, the visuals are definitely worth checking out, on the next gen versions.
avengers1978  +   112d ago
No one is forcing anyone to buy remastered games. I still own a PS3 and TLOU, so I won't be buying the remastered version... What people need to realize is some people may have never played games like tomb raider on previous gen, so for them it's a brand new experience. Just remember not everyone has the chance to play everything that's come out.
Remastered games are basically a way for devs to make good profit(as they are cheap to do) and reinvest that money into new games, new IPs and sequels to others.
MORE games is never a bad thing, and if you don't think it's a good deal don't buy it, save your money for all the new games that will be coming out cause there are boat loads of them in the works and releasing later this year. It's your money spend it how you want, but let's not throw others under the bus because of what they decide to do with there money.
darksky  +   112d ago
Tombraider is a great game that fell short of Square Enix's sales expectations last gen.

The remaster has had great sales which ensures that a next-gen sequel is guaranteed. A good move for the devs and the future of the series.
MYDEATH21  +   112d ago
If this does become the "thing" of this Gen. There are a few titles I might pick up that Iddidn't get a chance to play last Gen. But I hope this doesn't take away time for the devs working on the new IPs.
Master-H  +   112d ago
There are two games that i'd buy in a heart beat if they HD remaster or remake them, those are Dark Souls (the first one)and ANY Tenchu game or collection.
CerealKiller  +   112d ago
I didn't have a problem with them re-releasing tomb raider because it was a excellent game that didn't sell well the first time. If you didn't play it then it was worth the $60 for you. If you already played it then there's no point of buying it again.

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