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Are Video Games Art?

Jan Vržina or TheParanoidSurvivor asks a question that's been looming in the gaming and arts community for decades and attempts to answer it. (Culture)

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incendy35  +   377d ago
Pretty good video, except for the mask :D. As for the topic, no question they are art!
GutZ31  +   377d ago
Anything made by man, with much thought can be considered art.
If something as simple as a tool can be both a technology, and beautiful, it is art.

Games? They meet that criteria head on, and then some.
F4sterTh4nFTL  +   377d ago
Some are, but most games are just products being sold to make as much money as possible.
ironfist92  +   377d ago
I agree with this. Most of its just cashing in on franchises, paying more attention to gameplay, graphics, and fanboy pandering than trying to portray something unique.

However games like Journey show that there are a few cases of interactive art.
solar  +   377d ago
why not? a chick queefing eggs full of paint is art by some sorta weird idea.
itisallaboutps  +   377d ago
Of course. Especially by the scenery they create and the atmosphere.
robtion  +   377d ago
Oh boy, here we go...

A better question, does it even matter?
Wni0  +   377d ago
to quote the great alex turner

that's where youre wrong

ofc it matters. you want videogames to be at the bottom of the arts?
yesah  +   377d ago
No, it doesn't matter. Art is just a word.
Wni0  +   377d ago
right rape is just a word too, cept its really bad
InMyOpinion  +   377d ago
This AGAIN??
goldwyncq  +   377d ago
All games are art, but they're not all good art.
digger18  +   377d ago
Nope. Just toys to enjoy
Allsystemgamer  +   377d ago
Art goes into making a game. Just like a film, painting, music (not this modern dribble that follows the same pattern). And art is an expression. Games, drawings, sketches, painting, music. It's art.
Stoppokingme  +   377d ago
For the 400th time, yes.

We wouldn't even be discussing this if Roger Ebert never said video games aren't art.
SegaGamer  +   377d ago
If a painting of a circle or a few lines can be considered Art then a video game definitely is. A baby could do some of the things you see sell for millions.

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