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Sony E3 2014 Press Conference Time Revealed

PlayStation E3 2014 press conference invite has arrived, June 9 at 6 PM PT. (E3, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, Sony)

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Geekman  +   82d ago
Crap, I told my friend June 10th. I shoud stop assuming all press conferences occur at the same time.
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badboy776  +   82d ago
Perfect time Chinese or Pizza while I watch on my Samsung PN51E8000 HDTV?
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KwietStorm  +   82d ago | Well said
Are we still doing the brand and model number thing?
Menkyo  +   82d ago | Funny
he probably still has a members only jacket too
Prime157  +   82d ago
Dang, I wish it was June 10th, I have plans for 9th
gatormatt80  +   82d ago
I'm guessing he just joined the HDTV club. Must of finally upgraded that CRT TV. I remember my first HDTV as well, back in 2007.
crxss  +   82d ago
Chinese. Also good to know you paid for an overpriced tv
Madderz  +   82d ago
Samsung?? Lolllllllll

@Crxss above^^

Samsung is actually a South Korean firm. Definitely not Chinese.
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thereapersson  +   82d ago
Fail at reading comprehansion, Madderz. crxss was referring to the ethnicity of badboy776's dinner.
RedDevils  +   82d ago
Pizza while watching sound like a slob, get out and play sport and exercise lol
heisenberguk  +   82d ago
It doesn't add any inches onto your johnson!!
BeardedPriest  +   82d ago
Samsung Fanboys for the win!
Errefus  +   82d ago
I will enjoy it on my 20 inch CRT TV.
JakemanPS31994  +   82d ago
They are happening at the same time... Microsoft @ 9:30 am PT June 9th
EA @ 12 pm PT June 9th
Ubisoft @ 3 pm pt June 9th
And then obviously sony @ 6pm pt on June 9th... Nintendo is the only one being weird and doing it on the 10th like always :P
Geekman  +   82d ago
This may be because I'm only following Sony and Nintendo conferences this year.
showtimefolks  +   82d ago
can't wait. I am sure sony will pay attention to how much MS shows and base their conference off that. MS shows a lot than bring all the ammunition. don't save anything for gamescom

and tha's not even considering the 3rd party games they will show from:

take-two(RockStar)if sony can bring RS on their stage than its a big win, even if its a multiplatform games

i am sure we will get an update on KH3 and FF15

UBI will be there as always



project beast spiritual successor to demon souls

Uncharted to put everyone in calm mode, people are questioning ND because 4 developers left. Mind you the teams at ND are over 250 developers. ND will stun people with next Uncharted in a way only ND can

The order 1886 will be there

Drive club will be there

Sony bend's new game, finally coming back to home consoles. Syphon Filter(which has been in developers for some time now.

GT6 will be repackaged for PS4 for fall 2014 or Q1 2015 release. Kind of like complete edition

Media Molecule’s new title, this has me so excited knowing how talent of a studio they are

God of war 4 teaser

Quantic Dream's new game

Ninja Theory working on a PS4 exclusive

Sony London will be at E3. First AAA title in many years. 3rd person title. Gorgeous. They’re back with a bang,

close the show with the last guardian. This has to close the show. Make it seem like no new news on TLG but yushida comes on stage and says we got one more surprise and booms goes the dynamite

very exciting time to be a gamer

my personal wishes:

I hope sony has a surprise in place for Crash fans(please buy back this IP)

Yakuza 5/ishin or a complete yakuza collection for ps4(.1 percent chance)

Shenmue(sony has bought the rights first 2 games coming via HD collection)

update new on Future ratchet and clank, JAK(won't happen) and SLY

FF7 remakes

News on Legacy of Kain series
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BG11579  +   82d ago
And H1z1.
darren_poolies  +   82d ago
I find it weird that Projet Beast is apparently meant to be the "spiritual successor" to Demon's Souls, wasn't that what Dark Souls was?
SouthClaw  +   82d ago
Rockstar never go on stage. I doubt they would this year unless and its still a slight chance they announce an exclusive game such as Agent. I still doubt they will. Rockstar like to work outside of E3 and do their own things.

Only thing I care about Sony announcing is possibly The Getaway 3 if they do I might buy a PS4.
GrafUlrich88  +   82d ago
Hey Show,

Nice list!

I hope all that is true. Don't forget Blizzard, SOE showing off Planetside 2, H1Z1, and Everquest Next. Oh, and isn't Little Big Hub suppose to be worked on and released hopefully this year or next spring.

I think we will see a price drop on Vita ($149.99) for base model now that they brought out the "Slim" model which is a cheaper production cost for Sony. Also I think it would be smart to drop the cost in a big way on the memory cards.

Lastly, it wouldn't surprise me if MS announces a permanent price drop to $449.99 (desperation move) and then Sony announces a price drop to $379.99 or $369.99. That it would like be "Boom"!!! The hits just keep coming!!!


wastedcells  +   82d ago
Last Guardian. Dare I say makes its triumphant return as a ps4 title. Not unlike the last of us and the rumoured GOW ascension ( which I don't get unless it's just to toss in as a free ps plus game.)
Dannyh  +   82d ago
I will be happy with a new crash bandicoot and heavenly sword 2
imt558  +   82d ago
The Order : 1886, Uncharted, PROJECT BEAST and The Last Guardian! Who needs more???

If Project Beast will be revealed, GAF will meltdown. Any, just on rumors about Project Beast GAF get crazy anyway.
Benchm4rk  +   82d ago
Its june 10th where I am :).
die_fiend  +   82d ago

You should learn to read; 'Perfect time Chinese or Pizza'

Hopefully you understand now and stop trying to correct people when you're just embarrassing yourself
ZombieKiller  +   82d ago

Sorry for all caps, I am pretending to scream! Definitely excited over here.

Stop talking about this dudes Samsung. Who cares if he's trying to brag? Whether you give him good attention or bad, he still wins at being an attention whore. I mean how is it that his topic gets the most agrees/disagrees when the topic is about E3?! WHO CARES!
I'm dying for E3
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elsuperamigo   82d ago | Spam
candy_mafia  +   82d ago
I'm crossing each day off my calendar like a B**** is in Jail :)
SoulSercher620  +   82d ago
Tatsuya  +   82d ago
Great, GET HYPED People!

PS: I know some forums will go down when they announce PROJECT BEAST!

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi  +   82d ago | Funny
LOL people getting hyped for E3 be like...

KwietStorm  +   82d ago
Hahaha I've never seen that one before. They did a good job on the animation.
gobluesamg  +   82d ago
Jesus man I just watched that gif for like 5 minutes lmao. awesome.
younglj01  +   82d ago
greatest gif of all time..big DBZ fan.the timing was just perfect thought of gohan v cell first time I saw this...classic :D
SoulSercher620  +   82d ago
LOL thanks for that one. I had to bookmark that.
ZombieKiller  +   82d ago
Bubbles for that one Kakashi just.....bubbles.
cell989  +   82d ago
hahaha thats El Piojo Herrera, Mexico's soccer team coach, theres a bunch of memes on him cause he is always getting all pissed off or exited in the court lol
TheTowelBoy  +   82d ago
1 month away from the next step in greatness and by greatness I mean possibly seeing The Last Guardian :) oh and I hope they don't use TOO much of their time on Morpheus. I mean I want to see it, and games for it, but I hope their focus is on Vita/Ps4.
Tedakin  +   82d ago
5 years the charm for Last Guardian. I can feel it.
MegaRay  +   82d ago
I hope they DONT show anything for Morpheus.
Its out late 2015 or even 2016 right? Then let next year's e3 have those games.

My personal wishes is:
New R&C / Jak / Sly. One of them is enough for me (or atleast a Jak movie)
And if they announce that they bought Crash Im gonna scream like a little girl lol
Clover904  +   82d ago
That's 9 pm eastern time for me. It's going to be a looong day for me. The anticipation is going to drive me crazy.
Speak_da_Truth  +   82d ago
I'm with you bro EST as well but Ms press conference will only help me get hype for sony's
Sitdown  +   82d ago
For me, I prefer they have it during this time slot, as opposed to it being during work hours where I'm bound to be interrupted by clients and staff.
bigboss1990  +   82d ago
Can't wait :-P
avengers1978  +   82d ago
Can't wait so many great games coming from Sony... Many of there top studios still have unannounced games, plus project Morpheus.
My hope is to see GG's new open world RPG, media molecules new game, QD's new game, Sony bends new game, Without Memory, H1Z1, uncharted 4, driveclub game play, the order game play, something from SSM, and fingers crossed for TLOU 2.
candy_mafia  +   82d ago
Only Trolls would disagree ;/
RiPPn  +   82d ago
Why are people surprised, Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft and Sony have been doing it at the same time every year. I think the only change this year is Microsoft is starting 30 mins earlier.
CRASHBASHUK  +   82d ago
no not rely a few years ago sony did there's on Tuesday
LAWSON72  +   82d ago
Awesome that they will be on the same day.
KwietStorm  +   82d ago
Not like it's something new.
LAWSON72  +   82d ago
It is not like it happens every year a couple years before 2011 they were on different days.
theunleashed64  +   82d ago
it's that time of the year :)
dddooozzz9  +   82d ago
Can't wait for it. Go!!!
Am-No-Hero  +   82d ago
cool :)

it will be " Massive "

PS : please can you support my channel on youtube .. i made this vedio check it out http://www.youtube.com/watc...

its a sample .. im gonna do one for E3 soon :)
osprey19  +   82d ago
Regardless of ur loyalties to a particular brand, everyone seems to be in agreement that this e3 will be like no other. And brilliant for it. The first e3 with all the new consoles out, new franchises and sequels, im gunna b glued to the news reel.
Speak_da_Truth  +   82d ago
Vegita: hey Nappa check his hype level
Nappa: Holy hell it's its its........ (meter break)
ya i am HYpe!!!!
TheUberAsian  +   82d ago
Awesome... But it's so late on a school night too lol... Anyone know if Metal Gear Solid is gonna be at the show?
Predaking77  +   82d ago
I'm gonna be at Disney World that day, I'm gonna miss it :(.

I guess I will watched later.
Omar91  +   82d ago
trust me dude, Disney World is worth it lol
McAwesome  +   82d ago
Awesome excited for all conferences
MasterofMagnetism  +   82d ago
Good to know. Can't wait.
Relientk77  +   82d ago
Sweet now just gotta wait til June 9th
Sevir  +   82d ago
Officially one month away! :) Gonna be great! Gonna be a great Day in Gaming... Activision will likely have a pre e3 along with Square, Capcom and Konami... :) My favorite time of year
Coast2CGC  +   82d ago
I can't Wait
AceBlazer13  +   82d ago
Would E3 be the gamer's Christmas or the gamer's New Year?
Either way it's almost here
30 more days from today
Then we see new games to play.

All I have to say is Yay.
Sarobi  +   82d ago
Gamers Superbowl
e-p-ayeaH  +   82d ago
The waiting is starting to get painfull haha
younglj01  +   82d ago
Tease MAG 2 please...:D

128v128 battles with real-time day/night or custom setting. Destruction environments but also keep the repair model. More guns and custom options for character. More maps and modes and personally I wish they return to their original concept. The video below shows the scale they really wanted. MAG final version seem strip down compare to this footage.

An MAG MMO with dynamic weather. Think "sleeping" at your base and when you decide to log on your base is being attack. You have to run to an locker or chest to get your equipment/load-out. I think that would be cool to actually attack other gamers Bases/HQs. But MAG MMO will never happen :( So many type of missions could be in this type of game. I would love to escort an transport chopper with Gamers or vehicles about to deploy into the battlefield against enemy jets.

Related video
AussieBadger  +   82d ago
I'm sure sony will have indies,indies and more indies. Just kidding guys *backs away from pointed pitchforks*.I'm sure sony will have an excellent showing with alot of aaa games.
Longshot28  +   82d ago
Solid day of playing watch_dogs, I could care less for MS' conference. It'll keep me busy until 8 o clock my time.
seedaripper1973  +   82d ago
'Couldn't care less' FFS!
bloodybutcher  +   81d ago
According to the Oxford English Dictionary:
(c) Colloq. phr. (I, etc.) couldn't care less: (I am, etc.) completely uninterested, utterly indifferent; freq. as phr. used attrib. Hence couldn't-care-less-ness.

(d) U.S. colloq. phr. (I, etc.) could care less = sense (c) above, with omission of negative
ThatHappyGamer  +   82d ago
I hope they show us planetside 2. :)
reko  +   82d ago
OMG cant wait!
Godchild1020  +   82d ago
Are they going to air this one on Spike or on stream it on the web?
reko  +   82d ago
doubt it lol. they'll show cops.
90Supra  +   82d ago
AutoCad  +   82d ago
Enough time for them to counter MS .
Kayant  +   82d ago
No one is countering anything. It's the same times as last year and these things are planned for months... They are not going to suddenly make game announcements that weren't planned or recruit third parties within several hours.
AutoCad  +   82d ago
They removed their own DRM, changed the price,removed the camera. In couple hrs
Kayant  +   82d ago
"They removed their own DRM, changed the price,removed the camera. In couple hrs" - Lmaoooo you have to be joking right. Please be.

So they removed a policy which they never announced as having and one which they don't mention at their event and said used games and no online connection was needed for PS4 if wanted.

They also changed the price which funny enough MS speculated they were going to target and was rumored before the reveal. Also something that needs to be planned months if not years ahead to plan a strategy.

But yh you keep thinking they did that even though you have zero evidence pointing towards that.
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