Rumor – Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth DLC Weapons Discovered, Desert Eagle Among the Mix

MP1st - Recent reports suggest the Desert Eagle, along with a number of other infantry-focused weapons and gadgets, will be offered to Battlefield 4 players as a part of the upcoming Dragon’s Teeth expansion pack.

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PockyKing750d ago

Oh boy, with DICE's work with weapon sounds that'll be one loud gun on surround sun. I like it.

Mister_V750d ago

I've never been a fan of the Desert Eagle in Call of Duty games, but I'm definitely interested to see DICE's take on the legendary hand cannon. My Astros are ready.

elhebbo16750d ago

deagle is my favorite hand gun in CS:GO wonder how dice will tackle its looks and feel.

elhebbo16750d ago (Edited 750d ago )

surround sound* and yea I agree.

PockyKing750d ago

...Surround sun..that's embarrassing lol..."goes back to reading the dictionary".

Utalkin2me750d ago

Not only that, everything has spell check. It's highlighted if it is spelled wrong.

Matt666750d ago

Shame about the sniper rifle though being another bolt action but I can't wait to use the D.Eagle

ThanatosDMC750d ago

So someone made an article about jackfrags' post...

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Themba76750d ago (Edited 750d ago )

finally Battlefield gets the deagle. was my favorite sidearm in rainbow six vegas.


Pockyking i didn't know perfect writing is need it to comment about games..... Ot desert eagle is one bad ass gun

OooSheeet750d ago

Finally a gun that will fix this trully broken game of poor graphics, appalling map design, and constant crashing. Well done DICE, time well spent!

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