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Sony's PlayStation 3 A Tax-Dodging 'Computer'?

For those of you who kept an eye open during the European launch of the PlayStation 2, some six years ago, all this may seem like a like deja-vu. That's because, at that time, Sony was also trying to get the PS2 to be classified as a computer, instead of a console, just to avoid paying some extra taxes which are in place in Europe, for importing game consoles. (Industry, PS3)

MoonDust  +   3454d ago
LMAO! That is just funny!
If they approve that they are retarded.
Schmitty07  +   3454d ago
Jay da 2KBalla  +   3454d ago
they are retarded but hey they are just trying to do everything they can to prevent themselves from going banjrupt.
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ACE  +   3454d ago
thats how bad it is in the sony camp lol,,,,

i have heard they are getting all sorts of cash problems ,,, so i can believe that they are going to make cut backs in the ps3 ,,,,,

Shadow Flare  +   3454d ago
aaargh...seriously u f***in xbox whinos
would you please stop posting your bs comments? please?

if the ps3 is classifed as a computer, then sony avoid some extra import taxes

= cheaper for sony, good news

where the hell do you xbox battymen get bad news from this? you just see bad things about EVERYTHING sony

be a f***ing gamer for once and stop being a fanboy. See some postive things sony does for a change cos microsoft isn't perfect itself
bernie  +   3454d ago
It might work......
....after all if Sony themselves don't even know what it's supposed to be, how are the governments in Europe going to know!
MoonDust  +   3454d ago
Why would it work?
Playstation is a gaming console you can't run windows on it it's not a pc.
DG  +   3454d ago
So a computer not running windows is not a PC. So a mac or a linux based PC is not a computer?
Lucidmantra  +   3454d ago
Yes Macs, LINUX, UNIX, DOS, and many other operating environments are PC's
PS360PCROCKS  +   3454d ago
you have GOT to be kidding me??? How can they get away with this? It's OBVIOUSLY a gaming machine, their dumb over their I swear
DG  +   3454d ago
Why is everybody so upset. If you had a chance to save some money on your taxes (and rip off the government) you wouldnt do it. Its normal business practice to write off gas and food etc. this is no diff.
Bill Gates  +   3454d ago
Your post is the only intelligent post here.
DG  +   3454d ago
It seems like everyone is on the "I hate Sony" bandwagon and quick to stone them to death. It didnt work on Jesus and it wont work here people (not to compare Sony to Jesus its just a metaphor relax!).
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TheMART  +   3454d ago
No I wouldn't compare the PS3 to Jesus ever.

I think the PS3 would be a Judas, a lying biaattcchhh
Chexd  +   3454d ago
their there they're
haha saying we are dumb when you said "their" instead of "there"..oh the irony
Shadow Flare  +   3454d ago
TheMART you're a A-class twat
Firstly, judas betrayed jesus, he didnt lie to him you moron

Secondly, i hate you

Thirdly, stop being so stuck up, you stupid fanboy. Get your head out your butt and recognise some good things sony has done, cos ms sure as hell aint perfect.

Im sure most u box fanboys are kids.

-Trying to justify every possible reason u bought a 360

-putting sony down on EVERYTHING to make yourself feel better bout buying the box 360

-you love games where u just shoot anything

- you dont have a job to afford a ps3
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PS360PCROCKS  +   3454d ago
what? of course we'd try to save us tax breaks but lying to get your game machine into a computer to save millions is ludicrous, their getting away with a crime, if we lied on our taxes we'd go to jail
slugg  +   3454d ago
Exactly, but...
Sony can't help but lie. Apparently, it is the one thing they do well. Or a least they do it very often. Can't wait to hear the lies when PS3 is delayed again, when it finally releases and the drives break, when Nintendo hands them their @$$ in Japan and Microsoft in the U.S. and Europe. Ought to be good for some more laughs....
mikeeno7  +   3454d ago
sony is great
whatever sony bashers say, ps1 and 2 were milestones in the videogame industry. The ps3 faces tough competition, but i believe ps3 will CERTAINLY NOT FAIL. How many ps fans read the news on this site. All they are going to see is a console which is more expensive which always says to the consumer that the console is superior. They will see a blu-ray player, a motion sensing wireless controller and a free online service. God, i hate fanboys. Get all 3 when you can and reap all the benefits. Why limit yourself to 1. People say it like they have took an oath not to buy more than 1 console. This is pathetic, do you apply this to TV, DVD players and mobile purchases?
slugg  +   3454d ago
I never bashed Sony....
Until they kept getting caught with their pants down. And here is why to limit yourself to one console-- the price. I can buy 10 games for my 360, or a Wii and 4 games for the same price as the "real" PS3. Once you add a controller and a game or two to the PS3's hefty price, you are pushing $1000.00. Fu** That!
shotty  +   3454d ago
Most people want to play games and can't afford to drop $1500 on all 3 systems and accessories, if you had the money go ahead and buy everygame. But if you had to limit yourself to a system then the xbox 360 in my opinion is the system to get since it has games from every genre, is the best deal, has a working online model and is already released.
TheMART  +   3454d ago
Why never get a PS3?

Because besides the 600 dollars/euro's for the machine, you need another 2nd controller (maybe 3rd&4rd), games and so on which make it a hell of an expensive buy. I will buy a Wii though with my 360. That has something new, instead of a PS with


I hate that
kingboy  +   3454d ago
that`s wise ..if i`m them i`ll do it move
Islandkiwi  +   3454d ago
So bizarre...
You'd think that under the definition of game console, there'd be a picture of the ps2.
TheMART  +   3454d ago
It would be somewhere else in the dictionary to be exact.

Sony would be another word for: Lying
PS would just be what it is: play station

Toys for kids, that go kaput all the time and promise things that made childeren and even their parents cry. The ToyStory Emotione Engine that didn't do anything
Retard  +   3454d ago
Good Gravy Train......
Hey... Wow... Does anyone realize that everyone always BASHES THE HELL OUTA THE ALREADY BASHED UP SONY... If Xbox360 is so great, then go play it, stop convincing the already convinced, because I think I'm the last Sonyfan.

Does ANYONE realize though that PS3 is still confirmed/unconfirmed with a low level Linux OS with it?

google it, or look here
I'd say if it runs an OS then it should qualify as a PC.

Just as Xbox360 claims itself as a PC; (when it actually runs Vista).

I agree some the of Executives at SCE can be completely moronic with their loud mouths, but Sony itself does have talent (Don't any of you say ''it's a me too company''; or talented in lieing because thats all the PR not the actual developers of PS3).

If you say Sony lies because Cell is currently running at 2.8GHz then you have to assume IBM, Toshiba, and Sony all lie.

C'mon SONY being ranked 47 on the fortune 500 with an extremely high capital; just because there are a few bad eggs don't go throwing out the whole bunch.
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TheMART  +   3454d ago
Well if Sony was that good, why did they have a large reorganisation last year where a lot of people have been fired?

They can't compete with MS assets and money for sure. There are more bad eggs, like Betamax, Minidisc and UMD/PSP (it is nothing compared in sales to Nintendo DS. People buy the PSP for watching movies, not firstly to play PSP games...).

They are good in TV's, they should keep it with that.
Islandkiwi  +   3454d ago
Are you saying Microsoft calls the 360 or the original Xbox a pc as well, and they also get the tax dodge? If that's the case, this is the worst tax policy I've ever seen implemented.
Lucidmantra  +   3454d ago
How does a XBox360 run Vista... WHen they planned the 360 Gates wanted it to run windows, and they planned to make a 3rd system that did but it didn't pan out. 360 has more in common with Media Center WIndows than anything. But it is not Vista, and it is not any ONE PURE Windows version kernal.
PS360PCROCKS  +   3454d ago
microsoft calls theirs a high tec GAMING machine
PS3Lord   3454d ago | Spam
PS3Lord   3454d ago | Spam
DG  +   3454d ago
@10.1 ! Where do you Xbug fanboys get your facts from damn!!!!
Rank Name Sales Profits Assets Market Value
($bil) ($bil) ($bil) ($bil)
107 Sony 66.80 1.53 86.38 47.75
55 Microsoft 41.36 13.06 67.26 279.02
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TheMART  +   3454d ago
you just don't know the recent past. That's allright. We'll see who has enough money to keep this battle going. I would put my money in a bet on MS.
DG  +   3454d ago
Mart...Ill retract that xbug remark because you sound like you have some sense...but you did sound like a fanboy...anyway are you making this bet on MS overall as a company or just the console wars. Honestly Sony has $25 Billion more in Sales and $19 Billion more in assets. Yes I know there is a 10 bil. proffit margin but remember that sony spent at least 4 billion just on research on the cell. Im a sony fan/gaming fan/360 owner (not a fan, yet due to poor games) but damn the numbers dont lie. And with sony still selling 400 000 units (PSP + PS2) a MONTH. Honestly what factor can you really account for Microsoft winning in either a Company or Console perspective. Numbers dont lie.
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Lucidmantra  +   3454d ago
Is that after Sony posted all the losses? And I guess you don't see the difference in market value. I'm not going to argue with you, I am just asking. MS isn't going to buy Sony, Gates wants to beat them down... and the Plan was to enter in round 1, build in round 2 and dominate in round 3. Xbox360 is round 2 if that is what you are on about. Look at the way MS operates and you will see it often takes them 3 or more before they dominate or take over. Im not saying I want MS #1 I would rather see MS and Sony bash it out for 4 generations and have it be switching up that way we will get some real advances as gamers. But I don't think it benefits us in the long run for Sony or MS to run away this generation.
TheMART  +   3453d ago
nr. 14...

You are only seeing one part of total numbers. Last year Sony had to reorganize the company and fired a lot of people. They were just writing black marks in that time. You can earn a lot, but if you have to high costs and loans on the other side it still can be an unhealty situation.

PS2 was just lucky that their lies back then were believed compared to Dreamcast. The last one was better, but Sony at that time had more money and more fans with PS1. That story did continue, but something has changed. MS has only entered the console market 4 years ago. THey have a Live service for 4 years now. Sony entered with PS1 years before, so they made a fan base. That's why the PS2 sold/sells.

BUT, PS2 also sells because the price is so low (they won't make profit on that anymore), overhere in The Netherlands around 100 EUro's or so. Laggards in buyingcurves are now buying. People that also waited with the colour tv untill their screen from 1950 died. And don't forget all those owners that saw their DVD drive go kaput in no time, they buy one again.

It doesn't matter how much the PS2 sells. Toystory realtime was a lie back then. Emotion Engine didn't work besides I got emotion: I got sad and cried about it. Back then there was no real competition anymore when Dreamcast died of Sony lies. This time it's different.

PSP? It sells totally nothing compared to the Nintendo DS. And people buy it to use as a mediaplayer not for PSP games. That's wrong marketing my friend of Sony. UMD? That format is totally loosing. As did Betamax and Minidisc of Sony. As BetaBluRay possible can do also.

So now go and search the numbers for loans, costs and net profit margin. Compare those with MS's. You'll see that MS is a healtier company and can spent more on the console war.

Furthermore, even more important then those numbers. Check Live anywhere. PC and 360, even tweaking cars for Forza 2 on your (windows) mobile. Sony can't doesn't have that advantage.

XBOX Live is there for 4 years, Sony doesn't have anything really good up till now. It's hard to get 4 years experience done in no time.

And exclusives. GTA4, biggest Franchise Sony/PS. From day one on 360. Best new exclusive?

Gears of War on 360 (see all E3 prices they got)

Other games? Motorstorm and Killzone 2? CGI footage of last years E3 won't be real. Just compare the CGI motorstorm movie of last year with in game we just got. I had to cry again emotion engine nr. 2. Killzone dissapeared completely. Gears of War is Killzone 2 CGI but then in game for real time.

So it's just a broader view on a few marks. Only sales with no comparing costs, losses and loans is half the story. As is as with other details. I maybe became a fanboy, but that's because the facts just give it
DG  +   3453d ago
You guys keep misreading...the only reason I droped the forbes link and money facts is to show that Microsoft IS NOT BIGGER (money or size wise) than Sony. That seems to be a misconseption world wide. Microsoft does not make the world go round like how most Xbugs seem to think (not implying that your an xbug(!
PS360PCROCKS  +   3454d ago
you do have a point, but it doesn't truly matter neither system will go under so it won't ever change
DG  +   3454d ago
I never said Sony would win because anything can happend but they shurley will NOT FAIL it cant happend. And at that I can see MS coming close but not beating Sony, not with the poor sale numbers, distribution problems and lack of good or any games for that matter.

Like I said before sony can sell a shiny black and chrome PS3 empty shell box and it would still sell at least a million units.
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Retard  +   3454d ago
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MISSY E  +   3454d ago
No good games? if PS3 were out right now it would have no games. You're opinion is that 360 does'nt have games you like as PS3 does'nt have any games i like it's just my opinion. I agree Lucid360, PS is a comfort zone for a lot of diehard Sonyfans and if "possible" it will take MS more than one generation to wing them off Sony {2D}Old school style.
PS360PCROCKS  +   3454d ago
exactly, wow on point smart comments, brings a tear to my eye. but yea the 360 has some great games coming out, so u don't obviously know anything
TheMART  +   3453d ago
160 games by Christmas, when PS and Wii will have around 5 or 10 maybe?
DG  +   3453d ago
Read between the lines.
I dont know if It came out the wrong way but what I meant to say is that the 360 does not have "GREAT" games YET that is why Im not a fan YET (Although Im addicted to Hitman)!
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