5 Expensive Games That Still Cost Less Than Destiny

8CN: Back in September of last year, eyebrows were raised when Grand Theft Auto V clocked in at an impressive $265 million in expenses. Now, all the talk has shifted to Destiny, which is set to almost double that with a reported $500 million budget.

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majiebeast1446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )

Its a 500 million dollar investment for the entire franchise not just the first game.

We can all hate Activision but when it comes to predicting the next big thing they are bar none.

-Tony Hawk
-Guitar Hero
-Cod MW

I doubt they would do such a big investment in a new IP if they didn't see something that could be amazing. E3 will be Bungie's time to truly show off Destiny. I really hope we see some end game content thats where the meat of a MMO type game is, leveling is the appetizer.

gigoran1446d ago

Couldn't have said it better myself.

modesign1446d ago

destiny is a longterm project so dont expect a endgame anytime soon.

majiebeast1446d ago

They have already said end game will be in game. Do you know any mmo type game without it? Its probably like Diablo 3/ROS.

Kevlar0091446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )

First there will be Destiny the game, followed by Destiny the DLC, the Destiny clothes and toys, the Destiny book, Destiny X 3.0...

Activision hopes Destiny will be the game everyone buys by the end of the generation, along with countless other tie-ins

It's less "Destiny the Game" and more "Destiny the Platform"

ATi_Elite1446d ago

Star Wars: The Old Republic

I attribute most of their revenue to World of Warcraft. Seeing how you can still to this day make a CRAPPY WoW clone and still make money.

It's amazing.

Geoff9001446d ago

They have made a lot of flops as well, inc Blur, Singularity and many others.

The reason they are putting 500 million dollars to Destiny is due to the fact it's a ten year game, so they will need to make sure it has enough money behind it for support, marketing etc.

I often wonder if that's why MS didn't publish the game, because of the sheer amount of money they wanted to make the game.

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MrSwankSinatra1446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )

Man i really wish i could go back in time when FF7 first came out, such great memories.

TRD4L1fe1446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )

I wanna go back to when Legend of dragoon came out. Faking a flu just so i didnt have to go to school

Your mother needs to win the epic mom award for that one

MrSwankSinatra1446d ago

The day FF7 came out my mom let me and my little brother stay home from school and all we did was play FF7 all day, all night.

VforVideogames1446d ago

I'll take GRANDIA on DREAMCAST over FFVII any day.

gigoran1446d ago

Why is it such a big deal? How much has been spent on WOW? Is that being wrote about in scrutiny? No. So why do that about this game? It's exactly the same, only they are predicting the amount they are going to spend over the lifetime of the game, which spans multiple console generations. With this kind of commitment this game is going to make them billions. Who's stupid then? Right... Totally stupid investing that much money only to make a lot more in return.

It's really idiotic the way people reacted to this.

Eyeco1446d ago

I don't recall FF7 ever costing that much, last I checked the most expensive game at that time was Shenmue, and that costed 100 million.

Syleros1446d ago

eyeco, are you accounting for inflation?

bmf73641446d ago

...Activision spent that much... In a COD installment...

Geoff9001446d ago

They have NEVER spent that much on CoD.