Science Can Determine Gender of MMO Players

One feature of mmo games that most people accept is that the majority of the female characters running around are actually male. Gamers have accepted this belief without question for years, and it now appears that there is hard data to back that claim up. In fact, researchers say that they can tell the difference between a male and a female player through observation. According to their studies, we can now tell the gender of mmo players through science.

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JoshBatman1478d ago

That's interesting...I wonder if they'll do a race-related study as well. I know that when I play RPGs and they give me the option, I'm much more likely to play a Black/dark-skinned character.

Unless it's Dark Souls. Because that looked INCREDIBLY DUMB.

Well, actually, even in Dark Souls. I just make sure to look at the face as infrequently as possible... sigh.

Naga1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

I wouldn't count on it. The key distinction here is that sexes are psychologically wired differently through genetics. Races are not.

[Ref: http://www.scientificameric... ]

Anthotis1478d ago

People suffering from gender identity disorders and/or chromosomal disorders aren't gonna like this.

yesah1478d ago

I didnt understand how people could dislike this until I saw Anthotis's comment

nope1111478d ago

Oh god.... i can't stop laughing LOL.

nope1111478d ago

My reaction when i saw Gwynevere and Quelaag's torso

Drithe1478d ago

I came here for large digital boobies. Drithe has a disappointed unhappy face. :(

Roccetarius1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

It's certainly much more interesting to look at a female butt in MMO's, but i typically do it if the male model is terrible as well. Using Draenei as an exaple, both the model and animations were terrible for males, but the female was much better.

People trying to fool someone else that they're female though, that's not my thing. I've never had someone bothering my avatar in game, but i would let them know what's up.

FlyingFoxy1478d ago

For me it's pretty easy to make out a player who's pretending to be someone they aren't. You get the hang of it eventually. Same with scammers or other odd things in games.

drizzom1478d ago

This is interesting and all but where are the sources? Which Universities did this. What did the females behavior show?

Naga1478d ago

Whoa there, buddy. Slow down with the crazy talk. Next thing we know, you'll be spouting off about wild ideas like "peer review" and "scientific scrutiny".

Dchops1478d ago

I have to agree with you there. A citation at the very least would have been acceptable, as it is really hard to rely on anything without being able to read how the study was done. Not that I don't think there is truth in this, but writing a small snippet about any study without proper citation is never good/helpful.

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