The Last of Us Multiplayer – New Content Being 'Prototyped, Remastered Targeting 60FPS, And More

MP1st: During their Reddit AMA, members from Naughty Dog Studio highlighted the future of The Last of Us Multiplayer.

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ddgaming8201413d ago

The MP on the Remastered edition sounds very promising.

ZodTheRipper1413d ago

The MP is promising already ;)
Very unique and intense, higher resolution and framerate will make it even better.

URNightmare1413d ago

To me, the best multiplayer experience last year. It was fresh and very well executed.

l-Mc-I1413d ago

I agree, I'm actually getting the ps4 version for the multiplayer. One of my favorite multiplayer of last gen

-Foxtrot1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

I hope Erin Daly does the multiplayer for Uncharted 4, if he's all about balance maybe he'll get rid of all the silly stuff they added in Uncharted 3 thanks to Robert Cogburn.

Last of Us didn't feature big things like every online game although I wished they removed load outs to make you scavenge the map to find better weapons like you do in the single player when your trying to upgrade them.

Actually the main thing I would remove in the multiplayer is how you can purchase items in game, like you can just buy armour and a flame-thrower with supplies, it's kind of silly. I'd rather they make us build a powerful weapon or a piece of armour instead.

Nitrowolf21413d ago

Me to!! I always thought it was strange we can buy Armor TBH. Thought it should be a craft item, and if it was much harder to tear apart than two hits by a bow or something.

-Foxtrot1413d ago

It's silly to me, the fact that the main game is about surviving and scavenging yet in the online we can just magically buy a powerful weapon or armour.

I'm not as fussed about loadouts in this game since you don't start of with a lot of ammo but in Uncharted 4 it needs to be dropped. The game isn't that kind of online game. It was balanced as hell in Uncharted 2 even after the 1.5 update it was still more balanced then Uncharted 3. Get rid of that and get rid of stupid weapon mods, the only thing you should be able to change to your weapons is the looks so everyone's starting weapons are personalized to them. Then we can get rid of the kicbacks aswell since they are just annoying as hell. I suppose the upgradable perks are alright as long as they are reasonable but I also think sprinting should be taken out.

Oh and paid boosters at the start of the match, have no idea why they are even there.

NaughtyDog bit off more then they could chew in Uncharted 3.

Uncharted 2 was simple and fun. No offence to people who liked Uncharted 3 better but if you didn't like Uncharted 2 but liked Uncharted 3 then tough shit, there's a lot of other games out there which has every other online game features.

Evilsnuggle1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

That would be interesting but it's just semantics. I do understand and agree with your point of view. You want a game based in reality I agree. Uncharted 3 multiplayer was a step backwards for the uncharted series. I don't like the kick back and the over the top stuff in uncharted 3. I hope uncharted 4 is more like Uncharted 2 multiplayer was just more weapons and more weapon mod and my customization of characters

-Foxtrot1413d ago

I think what they did was try to please the "Call of Duty" crowd, I say COD because it's influenced a lot of online games, ruining some of them.

The game in Uncharted 2 used to be about skill, using cover, knowing your enemy but now it's just about whatever unlocks you and they have. If your a low levelled player, skilled or not, your still most likely be killed by a high levelled player with no skill because of the fact they have equipped unlocked guns with the best mods you haven't got yet.

THC CELL1413d ago

Add few more players,please

HammadTheBeast1413d ago

If there's a bigger map then it would be nice. Or maybe more than 2 teams.

Nitrowolf21413d ago

They already confirmed in the story that they won't. It was tested, but it was just abd for the game overall.

OrangePowerz1413d ago

They would need to increase the size of maps for that because with the current size more players would be more like a TDM in CoD.

trenso11413d ago

nah i like the 4 on 4 its intense then to have a bunch of players running every where. It lets you be a small organized group.

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cyclindk1413d ago

Players vs infected!

Players vs Players vs infected!

A REAL survivors mode where you actually have to go town to town collecting supplies and surviving. Meds, for outbreaks, fight off attackers, all that!

TFJWM1413d ago

If they were going to that it wouldn't be for a remastered ver it would be for Last of Us 2

cyclindk1413d ago

I agree, but I can dream.

Clover9041413d ago

Player vs Players vs Infected! Yes please.

-Foxtrot1413d ago

You know what bugs me about the infected thing, people have wanted it since multiplayer was shown off. If you listen closely in some maps online you can hear clickers. When I first played the game I thought they were going to invade the map.

A horde mode would be amazing aswell

CocoWolfie1413d ago

never touced the original, as soon as i finished the story i felt really satisfied, so ill give it ago on ps4 ^-^

ginsunuva1413d ago

Well you missed out on one of the best MP's of all time.

I will never understand some people's logic/lack of it.

"I bought this game and it has the MP right here on disc. It costs me nothing to try the MP out since I already paid for it! In fact, I might actually enjoy it!
Hence, I'm gonna ignore it and re-buy the game later!"

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