Battlefield 4: Dragon's Teeth to be Revealed Next Week, Key Art Unveiled

It was announced today that the next installment of Battlefield will be revealed next week. Additionally, the key art for the game was unveiled.

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ValKilmer1293d ago

Can't wait for this! With DICE and EA fixing all of the issues in the game, should be the first pack to launch problem-free.

Shapeshifter751293d ago

I spy with my little eye a riot shield! As much as I am not a CoD fan, the first thing that popped into my head was MW2 (if I am not mistaken). Riot shields would really help in pushing the line up to the "B" Objective in Operation Metro (or Locker).

Majin-vegeta1293d ago (Edited 1293d ago )

Its actually a Ballistic shield not riot big difference

Here's all the weapons in the upcoming DLC.

Shapeshifter751293d ago


Thanks for the correction! So...ballistic shield everyone!

Omegasyde1293d ago

Riotsheild > Bullet
Bullet > Grenade
Grenade > Riotshield.

I am concerned that these maps are small.

IVanSpinal1293d ago

riot Shield + Desert Eagle for me

Skate-AK1293d ago

Might get premium if the game continues to play better.

TheFutureIsBlue1293d ago

So sad the state this game came out in. I have loved every Battlefield game since 1942, but this was just ridiculous. My hype for this game just went down every time I played it with all of the bugs I encountered. Soooo, I traded in Battlefield 4 at Walmart for 30$ and got Bravely Default. Whoop whoop!

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