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SEGA Detail 2014 Nintendo Support, 13 3DS & 4 Wii U Projects

It’s not just Nintendo who have been sharing their financials with investors this week, SEGA has talked about their results and as well as their plans for the future.
Most interestingly is that SEGA have revealed just how many projects they have in development for a release this fiscal year on both of Nintendo’s platforms. SEGA have confirmed 4 Wii U titles and 13 3DS titles will launch before March 2015. With a little detective work we can have a guess at what these could be. (3DS, Sega, Wii U)

Activemessiah  +   382d ago
I have a feeling one of those 4 Wii U games is gonna be surprising one...
Metallox  +   382d ago
I have a feeling 2 of those 4 games are for Japan, and only Japan.
Obamanationn  +   382d ago
i dont doubt it , but does sega have a reputation w/ Nintendo of doing that? because it would hurt the console that barely has many games
kalkano  +   382d ago
Based on their expected sales, I wouldn't get my hopes up. They're probably all tiny downloadables...
kalkano  +   381d ago
Six disagrees? Really? So, you guys think they only plan to sell 600,000 total copies (combined) of 4 different games, and they'll all be physical AAA releases? Come on. I'm just using logic.
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3-4-5  +   382d ago
Wii U - 4 games before March 2015

3DS - 13 games before March 2015.

Sega is definitely supporting Nintendo systems, hopefully these games are good.
thehobbyist  +   382d ago
No third parties they said, Nintendo is doomed they said.
Dchops  +   382d ago
Would be nice to see some Puyo Puyo or even some Yakuza... but my faith in Sega's localization of their games has gone to hell. Not to mention the Wii U version of Yakuza 1+2 HD sold piss poor in Japan, being historically a Sony console-based franchise and all.
OtakuDJK1NG  +   382d ago
nah Yakuza 1&2 collection and Puyo Puyo not gonna come. It most something new and exclusive.
Dchops  +   381d ago
Yeah, that's what I figure, too. I already gave up on Yakuza in the west, though I picked up 5 while I was in Japan a few months ago. Still haven't tried it out yet >.<
paulcek  +   382d ago
Wow, that's pretty good support. More than 1 game a month (average) for the 3DS. Wii U is also pretty good for third party support. I guess SEGA does generally do well on Nintendo platforms.

I loved Super Monkey Ball, so I'm hoping for another one. And I'm pretty excited for Sonic Boom because it's ex-Naughty Dog guys doing it. My expectations are high for Sonic Boom, considering that it's a sonic game.
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randomass171  +   381d ago
Sega actually talked about that when asked why Lost World was Wii U exclusive. they said it was because historically their audience was on Nintendo platforms.
XiSasukeUchiha  +   382d ago
I have a feeling it is going to be Sonic Adventure 3
X1PS4WiiU  +   382d ago
One of them is Sonic Boom, and that takes influences from Sonic Adventure(according to the dev).

So don't count on it at all.
randomass171  +   381d ago
I wouldn't bet on Adventure either. That shipped sailed because Sonic Team went threw crew changes over the years, especially when Yuji Naka left.
sonic989  +   382d ago
i think it would be wise to release that game with that name on all consoles because many people are waiting for it .
by the way Sonic Boom ( even though i hate the westernized design SO MUCH ) doesnt look bad gameplay wise it looks FUN lets wait and see how it turns out
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   382d ago
I hope there's a surprise or two in those 4 coming to the Wii U.
I mean, I'd like it if none of them were Sonic Boom, all completely unknown new games...
sonic989  +   382d ago
Sega is missing out they should have something for the other consoles they are 3rd party publisher and they want money of course .
i hope next year they realize that ( at least from my perspective ) PS4 is profitable for them hopefully .
i hope they succeed on the Wiiu because they cant take another financial hit like last year
MegaRay  +   381d ago
I agree! I dont want to see Sega leaving the console business.
I just hope they release thier games in more systems for the sake of thier survival.
sonic989  +   381d ago
some people are selfish they just think about their console not what benefits the industry or in this case sega .
for example deep down as a PS4 exclusive isnt a good decision for capcom unless Sony is funding the project the same goes with dead rising 3 unless MS paid for it .
Sega needs money and they need to capitalize from the PS4's success they need to release games on it so they can get more money .
is that hard to understand and overall Sega isnt in a good shape and last year was a bad very bad indeed .
randomass171  +   381d ago
Sega recently reported around a $300 million profit. I think Sega will be perfectly fine.
Madock  +   382d ago
Shenmue anyone? -)
Sh0ckWav3  +   381d ago
wheres dreamcast 2 sega!!?;)
lizard81288  +   381d ago
It is called the Wiiu, lol
Sh0ckWav3  +   381d ago
Don't make me cry man
randomass171  +   381d ago
Now that's just mean to both Sega and Nintendo.
lahariko  +   381d ago
Why exclusive :(
randomass171  +   381d ago
Nintendo and Sega have a strong relationship... that is the weirdest thing to say after all the history we've seen.
deathtok  +   381d ago
Bayonetta 2 on Wii U, perhaps? Sega owns the IP so they might be assisting Platinum Games with development.
LOL_WUT  +   381d ago
Byonnetta2 is exclusive for the WiiU.

If I remember correctly SEGA still has one more Nintendo exclusive to show from that previous partnership with Nintendo so the rest will most likely be multi platform ;)
CaptainN  +   381d ago
Just give the Wii-U Shenmue 3 since fans have of that series have been waiting forever. Make it an exclusive and I am sure many Sega fans will run to get a Wii-U. We already know about Sonic and Bayonetta two, which I believe Nintendo is publishing....so who knows what else Sega has up their sleaves. Also another Skies of Arcadia would probably get people very excited as well!

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