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Hoenn Remakes? You Better Believe I’m There

Gamemoir's Savannah has high hopes for this game and Nintendo has all the pieces. Let’s see if they put them to good use. (3DS, Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire)

ScareFactor  +   229d ago
I held off on getting a DS for a long time. I am getting one next week and am going to play through all the Pokemon especially.

I can't wait to play Ruby again!!!!!!
Ultr  +   228d ago
You mean 3DS? Im going to get one too. Pokemon is just too tempting
xX1NORM1Xx  +   228d ago
i too miss the secret base feature i don't know why they didn't realise that it was such a memorable feature me and my friend used to obsess over them like he had some cool slide thing from a tv sale or something and i wanted one so bad so we were trying to get it to happen on mine to but it must have been a time based event or something because it never did :(
Summons75  +   228d ago
I didn't really play Ruby/Sapphire but I did love the secret bases on Diamond/Pearl. I think the thing that made the bases weak was the lack of online/ stable online. I feel if they bring them back and incorporate them into the online or streetpass like the animal crossing houses then they would be so much better and much more full of potential to want to use. Again I'm not sure how they worked on R/S but on D/P you could link up and go to each others bases which was awesome at first but then started getting tedious to keep up after friends kinda forgot or got bored themselves. Again, online or streetpass would bring a whole new breath of fresh air to the bases.

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