Why Troy Baker was cast to play Ocelot in Metal Gear Solid V

In Kojima Station episode 6, the studio's official podcast, Kojima Productions staff members gave some insight into the casting process for Metal Gear Solid V in response to a question sent in by a fan about why they cast Troy Baker to play Ocelot (who was previously voiced by Patric Zimmerman and Josh Keaton). Assistant producer Sean Eyestone responded to this question.

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SlasherXI1235d ago

Because he is in everything:P

Eonjay1235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

I'm glad. Ocelot is such a good character that he demands a talented voice actor. And to Kojima's credit, he has always been cast very well.

crxss1235d ago

He's... Pretty good *hand gesture*

Rikuide_Furame1235d ago

Baker has shown he has tremendous range so I'm sure he'll be able to vary his portrayal of Ocelot to Kojima's needs in a way most voice actors can't.

DemonChicken1235d ago

Agreed, was shocked on how he portrayed the joker xD

colonel1791235d ago

He is a great voice actor, but my guess is that all the changes in MGS are because they surely wanted to "westernize" the game to appeal to a "wider market".

If only Japanese developers realized that the West market want Japanese games, not Western games made by Japanese debs.

Nyxus1235d ago

How does this have anything to do with westernizing the game? They replaced an American actor by another American actor. Besides, Metal Gear was always intended to have a global appeal, so it has always been 'westernized' in a way.

KonsoruMasuta1235d ago

MGS has always been westernized. Kojima got most of his ideas from western movies, he is a real Hollywood movie fan.

When comparing the MGS series to other things coming from Japanese developers, it really doesn't compare in the slightest.

MasterD9191234d ago

Snake Pliskin (Kurt Russell) from Escape from New York...enough said.

OrangePowerz1235d ago

While I think Troy is a great voice actor I'm still not convinced by all the voice actor changes. They wanted Ocelot to sound older compared to MGS3? That game came out 10 years ago and I'm sure that the voice actor aged since that time.

I agree with Colonel on the reason for the voice actor changes. Outside of the MGS fanbase Hayter and co. are by far less known than Kiefer and Troy.

SuperYakuzaFan1235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

I always have and always will play Metal Gear Solid games in Japanese.

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1235d ago

Because Kojima wants to intentionally kills the series so he can finally retire. I definitely won't be buying casual gear solid 5 featuring a washed up VA.

crayon131235d ago

agreed mgs ground zeroes is the worst and has the lowest score. kojima is now nuts

THamm1235d ago

stop hating you guys had no intentions on buying it anyhow, any slight fan of MGs is quite stoked and can't wait, no matter who the va is. Gz was my first true next gen experience so far, breathtaking. I would've paid 59.99 for it right after the first glimpse of it a couple years ago

KonsoruMasuta1235d ago

You can't talk about casual games with that name and icon. I'll assume that anything you say is a joke.

DmC was one of the most obvious attempts of a company changing a franchise trying to grab casuals.

Lord_Sloth1235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

Thank you for rubbing his nose in his own hypocrisy.

I've played GZ and it can be quite hard without the Reflex Mode. MGS hasn't compromised anything with it's changes. It still feels like an MGS game.

GameDev11235d ago

Your opinion, just feel you will be missing out a lot in Phantom pain

Ground zero is not even close to a disappointment to me

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