DriveClub Vs. Project Cars PS4 Screenshot Comparison: Which One Looks Better?

In a year where Need for Speed is on vacation, you’d think the way would be clear for Evolution Studios’ DriveClub for the PlayStation 4 to reign supreme when it releases in October. However, it faces stiff competition from Slightly Mad Studios’ Project CARS which will be released for the PS4 and Xbox One (along with other platforms) in November. It’s extremely hard to ignore the latter especially given its visual fidelity – that’s why we’ve composed a screenshot comparison of both games to find out which one looks better.

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The_Infected986d ago

Driveclub looks much better especially the environments but the trade off is it's 30fps which I'm ok with. People seem to forget Forza Horizon was 30fps and it played just fine.

killzone619986d ago (Edited 986d ago )

dont attempt to drag down forza series. forza 5 is a true racer should be.

georgeenoob986d ago (Edited 986d ago )

It's also a launch title. Pretty impressive.

The_Infected986d ago (Edited 986d ago )


Let me say it again "Forza Horizon is 30fps" was it a good game and fun to play? Yes. Driveclub should be no different. Yes Forza 5 is 60fps with downgrades.

Evolution Studios could do the same with Driveclub and downgrade it to achieve 60fps but they're smart and instead just keep improving the already amazing visuals. I like 60fps but I think people are obsessing to much over it this gen.

MasterCornholio986d ago

Learn to read you two.

He said Forza Horizon which isn't Forza 5.

Tsk tsk tsk I guess some Xbox One fans hate Drive club due to how good it looks.

Ron_Danger986d ago (Edited 986d ago )

I didn't realize that there were so many Forza pics being compared in this article...

Oh wait, this is Drive Club vs Project Cars comparison article.

So why are you MS fanboys here bringing up Forza? Are you guys afraid that Forza isn't gonna stay relevant? You know if you were confident in the games you support, you'd let them "talk" for themselves instead of trying to convince everyone.

HaveAsandwich986d ago

forza 5 only runs at 60 fps because there's nothing to it.

scott182986d ago

Drive club definitely looks to be the most impressive racer to date on consoles. Such a graphical powerhouse. The eye candy has just not been seen in other racers on consoles. Love it.

BadlyPackedKeebab986d ago

I am a massive Forza fan (disclaimer I have owned both systems since ps2 and xbox days) but ill admit that Forza 5 is graphically simple, that was the price for 60fps 1080p

Its so good to play though I can forgive it. My only real gripe is the aliasing. you can see how the game would have looked in photo mode. When you move the camera the aliasing is terrible, then as it stands still and the picture doesnt need to be as smooth it kicks the propper AA in and gives you a lovely smooth image. Then once you move the cam again the AA switches off.

This might just be something geeks like me notice....

MysticStrummer986d ago (Edited 986d ago )

Forza 5's downgrades drag down the Forza series, yet they are also the reason it's 60fps. Less content too… like a true next gen racer should have…?

OT - Both look great, but it's hard to tell a difference when the pics aren't showing the same conditions, mainly time of day (lighting).

Iceman X986d ago

Really?? Forza 4 had 44 tracks Forza 5 had 18 tracks, Forza 4 had 500 cars Forza 5 had 250 and other 250 dlc only. Now you have to pay for night/weather racing as dlc. Buddy i think Forza already drug themselves down lol. GT6 on the other hand 78 tracks night/weather racing, rally,nascar racing, 1500 cars, all dlc cars free. Well yeah Forza you say lol, yes i agree Forza is quit the joke lol. Thay had to cut more than 50% of the game to get 60 fps LMAO

agame914986d ago

yea i have forza 5 looks great with all those jaggies

Rimeskeem986d ago

Didn't it get graphically downgraded?

mikeslemonade986d ago (Edited 986d ago )

Driveclub wins because why would you want to play a racing sim when you can go out and drive. Atleast in Driveclub I assume you can crash cars like in Motorstorm.

Anyway sims are boring unless you talking about the NBA, NFL, or Boxing.

hellzsupernova986d ago

featuring next gen graphics like cardboard crowd! (unlike the demo they showed) and True lighting whci hturn out to be a lie as well....umm well they released it right? that makes it good right? OHHHHH Adam Sessler gave it 10/10 THAT MUST MEAN IT IS PERFECT!!! or the check cleared how the hell does that downgrade of tracks, cars and graphics get a free pass

64commando986d ago

Forza had to cut a lot in the visuals department in order to get 60fps which didn't change the game that much. the director of Drive Club has said that they are attempting to make the best looking racing game of all time rather than hit 60 fps

marcofdeath986d ago

The_Infected + 7h ago | Well said

"Let me say it again "Forza Horizon is 30fps" was it a good game and fun to play? Yes. Driveclub should be no different. Yes Forza 5 is 60fps with downgrades."

And only 90% of the GPU.

showtimefolks986d ago


first of all he said forza horizon. 60FPS for Forza 5 but every less than forza 4, how come? Forza 5 has less than half the content of forza 4

also the season pass costs as much as the game itself. so to get the complete game either wait another year or so to get the GOTY edition or pay $110 plus for somewhat of a complete experience

foza 5 SIM

drive club mixture of both like forza horizon which ran 30FPS and was a lot of fun. stop hating

your one bubble tells how your statements shouldn't be taken serious what so ever

-CraZed-986d ago

It also relied on baked in lighting effects, no day/night cycles, poor environmental textures (that crowd looked like it was from PS2 days), suffered from pop-in and was given a downgrade in graphic fidelity to make that happen.

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Kribwalker986d ago

By far project cars is a better looking game. Forza shouldn't even be in this conversation, seeing as it was a launch title that will be a year old by the time these two launch.

MysticStrummer986d ago

It looked old when it released.

Project Cars on PC might be clearly better looking, but that's not what I saw in these PS4 shots. They looked very similar, though without more comparable lighting conditions it's hard to say.

orakle44986d ago

yep, not really sure what people are seeing here, project cars looks far superior.

scott182986d ago


Dang, Drive Club takes the crown big time. I think the big 2 racers are both gonna be great though.

The_Infected986d ago (Edited 986d ago )


How about comparison shots of each game "running on PS4." Driveclub looks amazing. Like I said the environments in Driveclub are second to none. Either way PS4 owners get to enjoy both racers but IMO Driveclub still looks better overall.

hellzsupernova986d ago

on pc project cars is going to kill it but ill give it to Driveclub on ps4 and they should be better cause they have had more time, however project cars gets my money cause im a pc gamer now

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Future_2015986d ago (Edited 986d ago )

I actually couldnt care, my hardware allows me to play project cars at max settings at 1440p at 60fps on the pre alpha and i play crysis 3 maxed out and i have to say project cars is right up there even at the pre alpha stage which is quite impressive

The_Infected986d ago (Edited 986d ago )

Yea because just resolution and frames per second make a game right? /s

heisenberguk986d ago

And you think we care about how big your peni er your set up is?

AndrewLB986d ago

Infected- Isn't that the same argument the PS4 fanboys have been using against the Xbone'ers for almost 6 months now?


starchild986d ago


They certainly make a game look and play better. Anti-aliasing, too, makes a big difference to me to how good a game looks. You can have all the fancy shaders, high res textures and amazing effects you want, but if the game has crawling jaggies everywhere it will never look very good to me.

elhebbo16986d ago (Edited 986d ago )

@The_infected if you believe resolution and FPS dont play a part in visuals and immersions that you are sorely mistaken.

saint_seya986d ago

WOW dude thats so lame, only 1440p and 60fps? i wonder how u can play so low graphics when you could be doing 4k 120fps.. guess i actually you should get ride of that old computer/screen..
Guess i couldnt care less about that lame settings when i can play more than 2 times your fps's and way higher resolution...
If you are going to brag of something, at least be sure you got the best out there..

tee_bag242986d ago

Nice.. I wouldnt play any game..especially a racer at less than matter how good it looked.


Wow go back to school. Your grammar sucks so bad I can't take your dribble seriously.

saint_seya986d ago (Edited 986d ago )

"Wow go back to school. Your grammar sucks so bad I can't take your dribble seriously. "
"Wow go back to school. Your grammar sucks so bad, I can't take your dribble seriously" (There is fixed for you).
And you complain of my grammar.. at least i can tell english isnt my first lenguage.. What's your excuse?
There i fixed it for you.. go to school, then talk to me again :)

Angeljuice986d ago

Way off topic Future, can you read? 95% of the comments here are off topic (I've never used so many downvote bubbles).

Look at the road textures in the first set of pics, DriveClub is far more detailed. Project Cars looks great (on par) with regard to the cars themselves, but DriveClub's environments win hands-down.

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frostypants986d ago

Leave it to FailingBolt to use images of the PC VERSION of Project Cars in a comparison with a PS4 game. Good lord...

AndrewLB986d ago

Those are PS4 screenshots of Project Cars. Just look at the image metadata.

orakle44986d ago

Those are PS4 screen captures........

Dynasty2021986d ago (Edited 986d ago )

30 FPS is fine, for sure.

If you're stuck in the early 2000s.

Next-gen should be 60 FPS in every game. Any excuse is exactly that, and anything less should not be accepted at all.

I swear, if you guys actually see a game at 100+ FPS running on a 120hz monitor, 30 FPS would make you sick.

The problem is that MOST console owners don't know any different.

And don't give the "no difference between 60hz and 120hz" response, because then you're just a moron.

windblowsagain986d ago

So NFS RIVALS which is 30fps on all platforms is not next gen?

Plays awesome and very smooth and it's an arcade game like DRIVECLUB.

Also Driveclub actually runs @ 45-50fps unlocked, but is locked at 30fps with v-sync and aa engaged.

hellzsupernova986d ago

well Driveclub should look better it has 50 cars and 55 tracks. (which I am fine with because I only want to drive the best cars in the world) So they are lasaer focused on a small selection rather then a large pool.

timotim986d ago

Forza Horizon being @30FPS is easily forgiven considering its way more of an open world racer than DC is. By comparison, DC's tracks are tiny. Also, while the physics calculations wasn't quite up to Forza 4's standards, Horizon's was no simple arcade style either. DC is going to have to bring some heat to compete with what Horizon already done the previous generation. It is the game its trying to be.

Angeljuice986d ago

Lose a bubble or stick to the topic in hand. This is PS4 DriveClub vs PS4 Project Cars dummy.

timotim985d ago

Im sorry...Im replying to the VERY FIRST comment in this topics thread might want to scroll up and take a look at it...give that guy some advice, not me.

Gotcha5986d ago

Project Car FTW hands down...But even better PC is twice as nice.

ovnipc986d ago

Forza 5 its good but its missing some stuff, what I like about dc weather change, night driving, snow thats so cool. For a new racing game looks really good, you cant compared a new racing game studio with a studio making games for years. Dc will be awesome. Thats my opinion like it or not.

HammerKong986d ago

man go and check ur eyes ,u are preffering driveclub becasue u are just a fanboy ,i'an saying drivelub is looking bad,it is looking the most amazing exclusive racer,but project cars are having loot better fields of view and most detailed cars and i know that these pics are from pc ,but we are not discussing here about systems and main motive is to find out which one is better and my bet is project cars in terms of graphics but driveclub is touching it a bit.

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mushroomwig986d ago

Comparing two completely different shots isn't exactly ideal

gameseveryday986d ago

It's not necessarily a head-to-head since we'll only find out about the full extent of the visual details when both games are out and running side-by-side.

That's from the article.

Qrphe986d ago

You've gotta get hits somehow

frostypants986d ago

These tards just crap out whatever comes out of their brains when they wake up and toss it out there as a "story". GamingBolt needs to be banned from N4G.

barb_wire986d ago

Both look damn fine to me.. wish I had a PS4 so I could play them when they're released.

LordMaim986d ago

They both look pretty amazing. Can't wait to try out the demo.

Masterh0ppa986d ago

cars in pc look better.. but don't come close to forza..

Masterh0ppa986d ago

a joke? Dude have you seen the cars in forza 5? They look perfect! these two games can't compete with that.

Ron_Danger986d ago

Maybe he's talking about the version of Forza 5 that was running on PC's at last years E3 before all the visual downgrades for the actual retail version.

Tempest317986d ago

Has to be a joke...or hes never seen any racer but forza. The premium cars on gt5/6 models look almost as good on last gen (idk what forza looks like on 360, but I imagine its also almost as good. Forza 5 is wildly unimpressive in the graphics (still enjoy the hell out of it). To say that these 2 games cant compete is one of the most obscene comments ive heard recently lol

Allsystemgamer986d ago (Edited 986d ago )

Lol someone is delusional. I have played forza 5 and it does not look that good. Jaggies everywhere. Cardboard cut outs everywhere. The lighting is just ugly. It does not look that good at all

ScareFactor986d ago

He means the "Cars" which in Forza 5 look amazing. The environment and lighting aren't that great but the detail in the cars is stunning

iistuii986d ago

It has some jaggies i agree, but if you want to see jaggies go on NFS Rivals. Thats jaggie city & is only 30fps. Put Forza 5 on after NFS & you'll realize how well they did for a launch title.

iistuii986d ago

Ive just been on IGN & i'm afraid those jaggies are everywhere in Driveclub. Look at the telegraph poles, the awnings the white lines on the side of the road. OK, they have time to add AA, but i remember thinking the same with early Forza 5 video's & they didn't change.

SoapShoes986d ago

^ Yeah, suuure... Lets just judge from low quality video that hasbeen compressed.

Codey47986d ago

@ Scarefactor

" He means the "Cars" which in Forza 5 look amazing. The environment and lighting aren't that great but the detail in the cars is stunning "

In other words....... body like Baywatch face like Crimewatch.