DriveClub Vs. Project Cars PS4 Screenshot Comparison: Which One Looks Better?

In a year where Need for Speed is on vacation, you’d think the way would be clear for Evolution Studios’ DriveClub for the PlayStation 4 to reign supreme when it releases in October. However, it faces stiff competition from Slightly Mad Studios’ Project CARS which will be released for the PS4 and Xbox One (along with other platforms) in November. It’s extremely hard to ignore the latter especially given its visual fidelity – that’s why we’ve composed a screenshot comparison of both games to find out which one looks better.

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mushroomwig1528d ago

Comparing two completely different shots isn't exactly ideal

gameseveryday1528d ago

It's not necessarily a head-to-head since we'll only find out about the full extent of the visual details when both games are out and running side-by-side.

That's from the article.

Qrphe1528d ago

You've gotta get hits somehow

frostypants1528d ago

These tards just crap out whatever comes out of their brains when they wake up and toss it out there as a "story". GamingBolt needs to be banned from N4G.

barb_wire1528d ago

Both look damn fine to me.. wish I had a PS4 so I could play them when they're released.

LordMaim1528d ago

They both look pretty amazing. Can't wait to try out the demo.

Masterh0ppa1528d ago

cars in pc look better.. but don't come close to forza..

Masterh0ppa1528d ago

a joke? Dude have you seen the cars in forza 5? They look perfect! these two games can't compete with that.

Ron_Danger1528d ago

Maybe he's talking about the version of Forza 5 that was running on PC's at last years E3 before all the visual downgrades for the actual retail version.

Tempest3171528d ago

Has to be a joke...or hes never seen any racer but forza. The premium cars on gt5/6 models look almost as good on last gen (idk what forza looks like on 360, but I imagine its also almost as good. Forza 5 is wildly unimpressive in the graphics (still enjoy the hell out of it). To say that these 2 games cant compete is one of the most obscene comments ive heard recently lol

Allsystemgamer1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

Lol someone is delusional. I have played forza 5 and it does not look that good. Jaggies everywhere. Cardboard cut outs everywhere. The lighting is just ugly. It does not look that good at all

ScareFactor1528d ago

He means the "Cars" which in Forza 5 look amazing. The environment and lighting aren't that great but the detail in the cars is stunning

iistuii1528d ago

It has some jaggies i agree, but if you want to see jaggies go on NFS Rivals. Thats jaggie city & is only 30fps. Put Forza 5 on after NFS & you'll realize how well they did for a launch title.

iistuii1528d ago

Ive just been on IGN & i'm afraid those jaggies are everywhere in Driveclub. Look at the telegraph poles, the awnings the white lines on the side of the road. OK, they have time to add AA, but i remember thinking the same with early Forza 5 video's & they didn't change.

SoapShoes1528d ago

^ Yeah, suuure... Lets just judge from low quality video that hasbeen compressed.

Codey471528d ago

@ Scarefactor

" He means the "Cars" which in Forza 5 look amazing. The environment and lighting aren't that great but the detail in the cars is stunning "

In other words....... body like Baywatch face like Crimewatch.

Tempest3171528d ago

Honestly any racing game is allowed to have aliasing...when youre moving (as is 99.999999% of any racing game) its really not noticeable. I never thought of nfs as being "jaggie city", because I didnt notice it moving at 100+ mph lol

Parhelion691528d ago

I think he means Autovista mode. And yeah, cars do look spectacular over there (using the x1 complete power, to render the cars and background, without any game logic, physics, etc)

Realtime though, is another story. Forza 5 looks really bad at times...

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XiSasukeUchiha1528d ago


Dude, please check yourself, do you mean the PC forza 5 or Forza horizon. I'm not mocking I'm just saying just check the facts before getting scolded on.