PlayStation Holds Fast, Nintendo Drops During Strategic Golden Week in Japan Compared to Last Year

Media Create sent in its weekly analysis for the Japanese market in the past week, which was a strategic one in Japan. The Golden Week is in fact the longest vacation periods of the year in Japan for many workplaces and a crucial period for shopping. While PlayStation Platforms have been holding fast compared to the same week last year, Nintendo's platforms have slumped (but they still narrowly win).

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WorldGamer1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

Folks won't like this, but if Nintendo began making games for the PS4/X1/PC/Smartphones/Tablets/ etc. They would make so much money.

I believe SEGA dropped the ball, as they have TONS of old IPs begging for release on new systems. If Nintendo did it correctly, I believe they could be very successful as a 3rd party developer.

All this being said, it's a sad day to see Nintendo in decline like this. I hope they can bounce back, they really have a great legacy in the video game industry.


I would love for the disagreeing folks to reply and tell me if and why I'm wrong. It's just a discussion comment, nothing more.

Ittoryu1353d ago

Gave ya a bubble for that I agree

darkstar181353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

they already are "bouncing back" they now make a profit with every Wii U RIGHT before the release of one of their best selling franchises followed up by games like Bayonette 2, SSB4, X, Hyrule warriors, third party games like watch dogs, and sonic boom, indie games like Dream fall chapters, and project cars...ALL IN 2014!!! lol..i think nintendo has already has their their come back...its starts on May 30th you gonna be there? ;)

Jay70sgamer1353d ago

Darkstar18 well said and I agree another dual shocker pro playstation article and nintendo bash lol ......nintendo is sold at a profit from now on's biggest IP Mario Kart will be out in a couple of weeks your statement about them going third party is nonsense ...if you wanna play nintendo games buy nintendo hardware it's as simple as that

Trolltroll1353d ago

I would agree it was this time last year that the "failed 3ds" turned into the top selling console. That is not 3ds,2ds & 3dsxl just one I usually see two separate models in the top five.

extermin8or1352d ago

Yeah they are making a profit on every wii u sold that helps but the issue is they AREN'T SELLING MANY. Their predicting to sell 3 million this year wtf is that? The PS vita's bee selling more than that...

Jay70sgamer1352d ago

Nintendo in their shareholders meeting stated their projections of selling 3.6 million wii u in the fiscal year is a very conservative projection meaning they expect to top that easily or bare minimum

Vegamyster1352d ago (Edited 1352d ago )

This, even with their lower then average expectations which won't be hard to meet they plan on making a profit next year, they also plan on releasing budget hardware in china and other emerging markets which could take off.

hellzsupernova1352d ago (Edited 1352d ago )

but they are not selling many WIi U's it is in a worse position then the GameGear.

ANd keep this in mind Zelda sold 50 million on N64. On Wii with a 100million install base it only managed 5 million. Uncharted 3 sold more copies in the same time frame.

Vegamyster1352d ago (Edited 1352d ago )


"ANd keep this in mind Zelda sold 50 million on N64."

What? Including both OoT & Majora's Mask they sold a little under 11 million.

Knushwood Butt1352d ago

What's far more alarming is that their 3DS business can't offset the sorry state of the Wii U.

randomass1711352d ago

@KnushwoodButt It's not like Wii Us are selling and that's where they have been taking losses. It's worse to sell at a loss and not actually move any units. :/

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candy_mafia1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )


I agree they would make tons of money...but!

It would make owning any Nintendo hardware redundant, since who on earth would want to buy a Nintendo product if all the games were available on competitors hardware.

Plus, the Nintendo games are the only reason to even buy a Wii U. I currently own a Wii U and I would be p***d!! if suddenly it's catalogue appeared on my PS4 or my Xbox One.

I see your point, but it just wouldn't work. Now Tablets and Mobiles, that's another story, but not home consoles or portables.


BTW I didn't disagree with need, since your intentions are good! :)

Concertoine1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

While that's true, its not really an advisable thing for the company to do. A large portion of their profits come from selling hardware (although at the moment that is not the case, but every company has ups and downs). In sega's case they were losing money on hardware consistently. Nintendo would be billions down if they hadnt released consoles and instead made games. Going 3rd party would ruin any chances of returning to the hardware market without a reliable userbase, and burning any bridges that big isn't a choice to make without thinking long term.
Plus, as seen with Square Enix, Capcom, etc. dedicated fanbases dont take kindly to smartphone migration. Pissing off their fanbase and chasing money was detrimental to them.
I dont disagree, what you say is factual, but its just not a smart move on their part.

3-4-51353d ago

Nintendo making games for anything other than THEIR systems or handhelds would completely de-value their product and IP's.

All these " I want I want I want" people who always complain when they don't get their way.

Any games, put onto an iphone Automatically has LES CONTROLS THAN A NES.

That is not moving forward, that is regression, for dumb idiots who can't think beyond one tap or swipe of the button.

deafdani1353d ago

"Folks won't like this, but if Sony began making games for the Wii U/X1/PC/Smartphones/Tablets/ etc. They would make so much money.

I believe SEGA dropped the ball, as they have TONS of old IPs begging for release on new systems. If Sony did it correctly, I believe they could be very successful as a 3rd party developer.

All this being said, it's a sad day to see Sony in decline like this. I hope they can bounce back, they really have a great legacy in the video game industry."

Just for perspective. Your post could perfectly be applied to either Sony and Microsoft, as well, for different reasons (Sony bleeding money everywhere for several years now, Microsoft for considering selling their Xbox division).

All the same... notice how ridiculous it sounds? Yeah. It sounds ridiculous to say the same about Nintendo as well.

And this is why I disagreed with you. I see absolutely no reason for Nintendo to step down from the hardware business as opposed to Sony and Microsoft. I don't want any of the three to do that.

extermin8or1352d ago

Well no it couldn't because both sony and MS are selling hardwaates breaking their previous records and selling something like 3 or 4 games per console...

voodoochild3461352d ago

I believe the wiiu has a higher attach rate than both.

Jay70sgamer1352d ago (Edited 1352d ago )

@ extermin8or That is short term thinking just because they sold well out the gate does not really mean a lot remember this is a marathon not a's funny how everybody always say nintendo needs to go software only are people forgetting that they just came off the biggest and most dominate success with the wii and ds ( a combined 250,000,000 million consoles sold ds 154,000,000 + wii 100,000,000) in the history of gaming and still has the most successful handheld at the moment(3ds)'s just people want to see Nintendo fail for some reason I do not understand why.....I'm a gamer that play games on all three systems this fanboyism has to stop it's ruining the industry....I understand having your favorites but to hope a company fails that silly .....just saying

randomass1711352d ago

People who keep trying to say why it's good for Nintendo to go third party are short sighted and cheap. Going third party would harm Nintendo's business. Their people work great on their own hardware. Any self-respecting fan would understand that. Let Nintendo keep competing and don't count them out.

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bobacdigital1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

Some would argue that if Nintendo had dropped the gamepad and made a console as powerful as lets say the X1 it could have dominated the market or been on par with the ps4? By having the Wii U fail it is PUSHING Nintendo to actually change what it is doing.. They have started to embrace things like co development, more online (Youtube integration and webapps), and DLC (Looking for other revenue streams to monetize). Obviously they would love to have something that is selling but it didnt happen. But a Nintendo console that is on par with the other systems and had Nintendo exclusives in theory could be a VERY powerful system. In theory that was what the Wii U was trying to be .. But it missed the ball and was executed VERY poorly.

Most of Nintendos revenue comes from a mix of hardware and software. If they got rid of Hardware they would lose ALOT of revenue. Nintendo still owns portables and if it moved its IPS somewhere else that would devalue the company EVEN MORE.

Iwata for the most part is correct... if they did cell phone and tablet games it would devalue how much Nintendo retail games would cost.. It is a double edge sword really .. Get more exposure and a sales boost but then devalue its core business. So many cell phone and tablet games either FAIL or dont sustain momentum long term.

Nintendo is better off diversifying their management / leveraging what they learned from failure rather than giving up and taking their only competitive advantage and giving it away.

DanManDantheMan1352d ago

People disagree with you because you could make the same argument for Sony or Microsoft.

In the end, Nintendo is still the largest video game company in the world. Why do you think they got that way? Sure as hell wasn't making third party games.

randomass1711352d ago

@WorldGamer Selling on those devices is such a dumb idea for Nintendo and here's why: The moment they put those games on other platforms, they have eliminated all incentive for people to buy their consoles ever again. It's such a bad long term business move to make short term profits while damaging their own hardware market.

Stop asking for Nintendo to go third party because that's just going to ruin them in the long run.

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RPGrinder1353d ago

Nintendo is doing far better than Sony in Japan, especially in software.

LOL_WUT1352d ago

Right ONLY in Japan because everywhere else it's getting dominated by handhelds and last gen consoles. ;)

RPGrinder1352d ago

This article is about Japan. And FYI, Nintendo is killing Sony in Software in every region.

randomass1711352d ago

@LOL_WUT Japan is Nintendo's strongest market. Don't discredit them doing well in their element when you inaccurately discredit them almost everywhere else.

DualWielding1352d ago

I guess Nintendo just ran out of people to sell 3Ds too in Japan, I guess every Japanese that is at least a bit interested in gaming already owns one

bobacdigital1352d ago (Edited 1352d ago )

Is that why the 3Ds is selling 30k per week in Japan alone?

"In total 42,500 3DS consoles were sold for the week ending May 4th"

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1352d ago

Regardless Nintendo dominates Japan every year.

CAB18021352d ago

Wait till some good 3DS games come out and Mario Kart 8. it will KILL the PS4 in Japan. it'll make the PS4 irrelevant in Japan

randomass1711352d ago

I doubt it will kill the PS4, but it will certainly sell a lot. Then hopefully will stop riding this doom and gloom gravy train that we have to suffer through every time something like this is reported.