The Last Tinker: City of Colors Review

GR - I play my share of mature titles—those games that allow you to romance a crew member, or to blow up someone’s skull with a well-placed sniper shot, or those that give you choices between who lives and who dies, and so on. I love all of those games very much, but sometimes I forget about the lighthearted experiences just waiting to be played. The Last Tinker: City of Colors is an example of a delightful game that’s fun to play even if it lacks any of the bolder features to hook an adult audience.

In this tale you play as Koru, the titular Tinker who lives in the Outer District, an area of the city where colors freely mix. The rest of the city is split into Red, Green, and Blue districts whose populations all stay separated from each other due to tensions rising between them. The game starts on the day of a big festival and race, but an upset during the competition results in Koru’s familiar Tap, a piñata-like animal who acts as a guide, getting grievously injured.

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ftwrthtx1411d ago

Sounds like a fun game.

knifefight1411d ago

Jeez they weren't kidding; game is mad colorful.