Is 'Project Beast' Demon's Souls II? Facts and Speculations

It looks like FromSoftware's 'Project Beast' might be the next Souls game, but is it Demon's Souls II or something else entirely? We examine the facts (with the help of esteemed community memebers EpicNameBro and VaatiVidya) and speculate on the nature of the Beast!

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NewMonday1504d ago

personally I hope it a new project with new ideas, we already have Dark Souls and no need fore redundancy.

ScareFactor1504d ago

I agree

I love Demon's Souls/Dark Souls, but I hope its something a bit different with the same hardcore feel of Dark Souls

MysticStrummer1504d ago

I was thinking, mainly because of the alleged shotgun, that the game could have similar mechanics and feel to the Souls combat but be a new series, possibly with firearms instead of magic. I'd guess ammo would be limited or maybe crafted. Idk but I can't help but be very intrigued since Demon's and Dark Souls were my #1 and #2 favorite games last gen. Haven't played Dark 2 yet though.

Testfire1504d ago

I wouldn't be opposed to a combination of modern weapons (not too modern, more old west style) and magic.

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1504d ago

dark souls is garbage and nothing like Demon's Souls. It's bad enough that dark souls already milked out 2 games. I'd rather have Demon's Souls 2.

MysticStrummer1504d ago

"dark souls is garbage and nothing like Demon's Souls"

Wrong and wrong.

Brazz1504d ago

To be very fair...

Demon's souls and Dark Souls 1 are very good! For real they are both amazing games! Dark souls II droped the ball a little (DSII is a mazing game, but not on the same level as Demon or Dark souls I)... DSII story isn't near as epic as Demon/DS I

Brazz1504d ago

I undrestand you.

You see, I think this game will be exactly like Demon's Souls. It will be a playstation 4 exclusive that will make a big hit, it will be a fantastic game, but... FromSoftware will forget it and walk away to focus on Dark souls and make Dark Souls 3 and maybe even 4.

dale_denton1504d ago

agreed and don't forget about deep down

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Master-H1504d ago

Day one purchase for me regardless.

lonelyplayer1504d ago

I hope it's a new Souls game! oh the feeling of back stabbing something is just amazing

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