The Walking Dead: Season Two Episode 3 Gets a Release Date

After two months of waiting, we can finally continue Clementine's journy in TellTale The Walking Dead.

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Knightshade1534d ago

Dear Valve,

I don't mean to be condescending but...notice how Telltale has gotten to episode 3 twice at this point for just this one series? That's what episodic means.


P.S. Condescending means "being talked down to"

armogangsta1534d ago

True, but point and click adventure games with QTE are a lot easier to make than Valve PC GRAPHICAL MASTERPIECE GAMES, especially Half Life. Oh, I love Walking Dead games so much, so definitely no hate as i know these probably are difficult in their own regard. Just saying churning out HL3 at the speed of how Telltale makes these would be insane

gillri1534d ago

Hl2 wasnt a graphical masterpiece when it came out neither was Portal, you got to look to Naughty Dog or Crytek for that dumbo

Knightshade1534d ago

True, but in the time since Half-Life 2: Ep 2 we've seen entire franchises rise and fall. We've seen Unreal Engine 3 run it's entire lifespan as well. Just saying they can't call it episodic without successfully making it past 2.

1534d ago
AceBlazer131534d ago

So glad it's almost over I'll get season 2 when all eps are released and marathon the shit out of it.

Errefus1534d ago

Coming Soon its not a release date....

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