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Gaming Trend's Ron Burke concludes: "Ultimately Spider’s follow up to Mars: War Logs is a far better effort than its predecessor. You can’t help but appreciate the effort put forth, as well as the fantastic concepts and new approach to storytelling. Bound by Flame provides engaging mechanics and choices that actually matter, if you can stomach the horrible voice work."

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super_lazy1501d ago

Sad to see all the middle-of-the-road reviews for this one. Was really hoping it might sneak up and be one of the first great PS4 games of the year.

osborn20091501d ago

It was really good! Check out my review for it:

Knightshade1501d ago

You and I (and looks like everyone else) are gonna agree to disagree. There is WAY too much wrong with this game to give it a 9/10.

Whatsupdog1501d ago

Just started playing this and its pretty decent, except for the really poor/mismatched voice acting. A notable improvement over Mars War Logs; I hope these guys learn from this and make the next game much better.

osborn20091501d ago

The voice acting was great. The lip syncing was terrible. There is a difference. =)

osborn20091501d ago

I can't help but disagree with your comments about the "voicework". For the most part it was very well done. The biggest problem was the lip sync.

Knightshade1501d ago

Play the female Vulcan. Tell me again the voice work is great. No way, no day.

DLConspiracy1500d ago

This game takes a little while to get used to. I am only about 3 hours in. The dialogue is pretty off but it's not horrible. I can definitely tell you that you have to build your character and use a block and parry A LOT. Or you will get pretty frustrated with the game. It does lack in a lot of areas (so far) but it's still enticing enough to keep playing.

Some of the missions reveal themselves before you can actually complete them. They try to push you to craft items a lot but there never seems to be enough around to craft of complete some of the missions. So you have to venture off and explore much more. This isn't a game where you just run through it. Although I guess you could but you would be too weak.

Still playing it though.