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Gamnesia: "While the Nintendo CEO has been clear to state the days of standalone video game consoles aren’t going anywhere, we’re about to experience a Nintendo reaching far beyond those limitations. But where are they reaching? Are they expanding into the toy industry? Further into consumer electronics? What the hell does “Quality of Life” even mean? We have absolutely no idea, don’t let anybody tell you different. Access to the video game industry or otherwise, the only thing anybody outside Nintendo knows about their scarily vague new business ventures are a series of buzzwords, a troubled executive that a community of naysayers wishes to see booted out of his position while he tries his best to steer the ship back on course, and a rabid internet fanbase left to their wild assumptions.

We have a sparse collection of clues. We have a raw image of a Mario figurine that’s going to communicate with our Wii U GamePad and some extended Skylanders-esque peripheral for our 3DS with a simple touch. We have Satoru Iwata vaguely laying out plans for an expanded business model, the likes of which the modern Nintendo enthusiast has never seen, nor understands. Hell, for all we know, Nintendo’s set to unveil a smart TV with an included controller and built in hardware. The point—and Nintendo's well known legacy—is that we don't know. We won't know anything concrete until the precise moment the executives at the legendary company want us to. But in light of the company's recent struggles, whenever they decide to let us into their circle of secrets, it's going to be big, Earth-shattering, even. Forget the Wii, this is going to be the real Nintendo revolution.

Nintendo is a company of clandestine practice, now forced—in the wake of losing almost a billion dollars over the course of three years—to be more open and exposed than they’ve ever been. It’s an identity they don’t exactly wear well, but something their extended history suggests they'll acclimate to. What we do know is that Nintendo is changing, probably forever. For better or worse, they need to make money again. Nintendo is no longer just a video game company. Nintendo is now an entertainment company, and whatever that actually means, Nintendo will never be the same again. Please understand."

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fonger081415d ago

This is probably the best "enlightened" article I've read on Nintendo's current company position. There's no doom and gloom, there's no they "have" to go to mobile, create a more powerful console, or go 3rd party baseless opinions. Bottom line is the console producing video game market is an extremely thin margin market now. Since the establishment of HD gaming, costs and losses have been steadily rising. The big 3 can no longer count on console sales and software sales to post sustainable profits, they need services (media), accessories, and luck. Nintendo is in the obvious need to look elsewhere to make money, and given their track record as company, I'm sure they'll be around for a long while.

MNGamer-N1415d ago

Well Said! I think Nintendo is going to come with some money making ventures, but man they sure are taking their sweet time. Hopefully they can return to profit next fiscal year, and right the ship.

robtion1415d ago

Sony and Nintendo should merge and create a 'super console' so packed full of exclusives it is unressistable to all.

Nodoze1415d ago

Nobody could stop them...that would be amazing.

herobyclicking1415d ago

I have been progressively getting more excited about Nintendo now that NFP news has been spilling out. Great potential.