Want to Watch Everyone's Xbox One Videos? Now You Can Thanks to an Awesome User-Created Website

Currently the only way to see your Xbox One's videos is via the SmartGlass app, but reddit user cadab decided that this was a problem he could solve.

He went out of his way to create a definitely awesome website on which you can watch your own videos and everyone else's.

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incendy351529d ago

Pretty cool stuff. Awesome way to download your own videos without using OneDrive for editing too.

Webbyy1529d ago

Yea really cool stuff!great potential for the website

p0tat0stix1529d ago

Wow, extremely impressed. Very simple interface and the video quality is uncompressed. It even works on Windows Phones, which I was NOT expecting. GREAT WEBSITE!

ShadesMoolah1529d ago

Agreed, it's awesome and a much better way to get clips on PC than going through the rigmarole of uploading via. Upload Studio to OneDrive... what is the point in uploading that which is already on the cloud? Such a waste.

Basically this gives you access to your Xbox game clips on the web (and everyone elses, which might be why it gets shut down), and lets you download them straight to PC.. No nonsense of having to go through Upload Studio, and uploading to OneDrive to then get them on PC.

All game recordings already sync with the cloud automatically, so it makes sense that you should be able to access that and download directly to PC. I never did understand why we have to manually upload to be able to download, when all recordiings are on the cloud by default.

incendy351529d ago

Definitely benefits to OneDrive, shows up on all your devices automatically for streaming without having to download, plus available to share with others to stream. Plus OneDrive acts as a virtual physical drive on Windows 8 so the files are basically automatically synced. Still this is a great solutions for getting clips that you do want to download that you haven't put on OneDrive or do not want to put on OneDrive.

Septic1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

Nice one Abriael.

Watch Major Nelson play!

In fact, screw his vids, watch mine!

GusBricker1529d ago

That's pretty damn cool.

UnHoly_One1529d ago

Very Cool!!

Stuff like this is what I love about Xbox. I love that they let the community use their data to come up with cool websites like this.

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The story is too old to be commented.