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Bound by Flame Review: A Side-Quest for the RPG Genre | Gameranx

Gameranx: "Bound by Flame fumbles on their most recent attempt at role-playing games." (Bound by Flame, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One) 5/10

It looked so promising.... oh well.
morganfell  +   261d ago
Judge for yourself. It is one of those games you may like and your best friend not. It is why scores have been as high as 9 and as low as this one.
AussieBadger  +   262d ago
Yes very mixed reviews with this one. Was hoping it was going to be better as well. Oh well indeed.
starchild  +   261d ago
Why are you saying "on well"? What if you agree with the reviewers that gave it 8s or 9s? I personally think it deserves something like an 8.
AussieBadger  +   261d ago
Just what I was saying. Each to their own? You like it or you don't.
SG1_dapunisherX  +   261d ago
xbox one not sweating woo
Dustinf11  +   261d ago
Probably one of the dumbest comments ever...

Xbox one is, in fact, sweating. The mere fact that this game didnt go to the system is an example. Plus, this game was great. Everyone I talk to is loving it at the moment.
Dustinf11  +   261d ago
This game is actually really good. If reading one persons review makes you say "oh well, I did want it but not now" your a moron and will miss out on a worthy RPG with great combat. Grow a mind people. If you watched a game until release date thinking it looked great, dont bother with reviews and try it.

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