GameTrailers - First Take: Sunset Overdrive

Join Huber, Bosman and Manuel as they discuss Insomniac’s latest title, Sunset Overdrive. (9:34)

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alb18991441d ago

This game looks amazing and fresh, hope that the Multiplayer is good, I will preorder it yesterday.

4Sh0w1440d ago (Edited 1440d ago )

Yeah, this game has so many interesting aspects, bright color palette, grinding through the environment, hooking on lines, flipping off poles, platforming high in the sky, shooting insane weapons, chaining combos, lots of enemies, cool animation, seamless open world, full character customization, a humorous I don't give a f**k style, unique death/respawn system, huge sense of scale, with giant bosses= HELL YEAH!, all this just from the gameplay trailer, remember we don't know anything about the multiplayer yet and also it's community driven as Insomniac plans to fully support it with updates based on fan suggestions.

I'm not expecting too much from the multi since clearly the SP campaign is the star of Sunset Overdrive but damm it already looks like one helluva megaton game, I'm so excited, I can't wait to see more at E3 and get a release date.

alb18991440d ago

I wanted it to be coop but I'll be ok!