Wolfenstein: The New Order – Will Have “Minimal Visual Disparity” Across All Platforms

OnlySP: New details on Wolfenstein: The New Order continue to be revealed by way of the Reddit AMA currently going on.

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Some great games coming to PC this year, what with Killing Floor 2 just announced, a new Wolfenstein, Doom beta and potentially new Valve games (L4D3?) this year.. oh man, haven't been this excited for a long time.

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Why exactly did I get bubbled down for trolling when I asked a question.

Edit: @Volkama Thanks for the link, wish this site wasn't so damn awful though. Shame.

@thereapersson I wasn't aware, and I also still don't understand how it classifies as trolling.

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Shnooze, that down rank makes no sense. I think it's cause you used all caps. They hate that here (and most places on the internet).

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Shouldnt they call it Killing Floor 3 instead of 2? I hope they make it cross platform with PC and PS4.

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XBOTTOX + 4m ago
but does that mean they gimped the pc version too?

yes it does

@TheRocksStrudle you state a fact and get a trolling for it shows how this site works dont it :)

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