Video Games Are Getting Shorter, They Don’t Have Much Meat on Them

Non-Fiction Gaming writer Meztrov laments the cost of AAA titles compared to the amount of time it takes to enjoy them.

Focusing specifically on Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes.

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incendy351504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

I agree, but I am not sure that I dislike it. Many games in my opinion are too long, at least the story/campaign parts. Would rather games focus and create a great narrative in a shorter time and flesh out the gameplay through additional challenges, kind of like what Ground Zeroes did.

RPG's where you make your own story such as Skyrim, Fable etc don't fall into this category but games like MGS, Ryse, Tomb Raider, Last of Us, Uncharted etc I think they benefit from having a great narrative much more than they do from extended gameplay.

NFGaming1504d ago

I agree in part. We actually scored MGSV: GZ quite highly.

I think some of the issue comes in from the cost vs time issue.

incendy351504d ago

Yeah, I would love to see the costs of games come down across the board. Seems they would sell so many more systems and conversely games if they just made the content more reasonable. The biggest barrier of getting into gaming is the ridiculous cost of content. Personally I don't think length plays a part in costs of games, same as I don't care if movies are long or short but I do wish the average price overall would come down to a level that more people could afford the games.

If they can figure out a way to get rid of used games and piracy I do think it could happen as their margins of returns will increase exponentially "similar to what we are seeing on Apple's App Store".

fenome1504d ago

MGSV: GZ was just a prologue to Phantom Pain though, it wasn't meant to be a full game. I skipped out on it specifically because of the cost vs time issue. I'll probably get it right before Phantom Pain releases to get me in the groove, plus it'll be a lot cheaper by then.

I'm sure Dragon Age: Inquisition and The Witcher 3 will have a full buffet of content once they release :)

3-4-51504d ago

$50 Million used to get you a good 20-50 hours adventure.

Now: * $100 Million gets you pretty good graphics & an 8 hour game.

Next Gen for me, is more about content and gameplay than graphics.

thricetold1504d ago

Same here, I stopped being wowed by graphics long long ago when I realized that you aren't going to just stand there and drool over the pixels the whole time and eventually you have to play the game.

Gameplay matters more to me, I mean how many times are you going to stop and look at the damn grass blades?

3-4-51504d ago

Graphics "wow" me for like 5-10 minutes and then from that point on, the Gameplay needs to be really fun, or bring something else to the table like a great story or really likeable cast.

Activemessiah1504d ago

Never thought i'd see the words "Many games are too long" from a gamer... wow.

ThichQuangDuck1504d ago

This is again a silly argument to me. Ha one I am a vegetarian,but really the meat of what I am trying to say is. Let this MGS Ground Zeroes thing go. I paid 40$ for MGS subsistence on ps2 when it came out. It had a full singleplayer that took me between 10-20 hours and a multiplayer. Should I have paid more because of how long I spent with it? Kojima has offered many values. Originally Ground Zeroes was going to be the only Metal Gear Solid game at all then he decided to do Phantom Pain 20-30$ for an interactable experience that can be played multiple times in different ways and has a high production value is not a "ripoff". Games don't need to be "long" because that quite often leads to a lot of filler princess in another castle moments. Games simply need to be fun and evoke emotion

Activemessiah1504d ago

Man, do you know how many times I've been playing a gaming realising it's near the end and I just felt really sad because I was enjoying it so much? I don't play games to complete them... I want an experience, the journey and if the princess is in another castle then so be it, I'll go there.

kalkano1504d ago

One of my criteria for a game, is that it must be at LEAST 30 hours long. That eliminates almost every single modern game...

DCfan1504d ago

lol, i guess you don't buy that many games.
I follow that rule. One of the reasons i skip AAA games now, and why i keep playing fighters.

AnotherProGamer1504d ago

what games offer 30 hours of gameplay that dont end up being repetitive and tedious?

kalkano1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

The vast majority of these series' (some are just one game):

Skies of Arcadia
Final Fantasy
Shining Force
Legend of Dragoon
Arc the Lad
Vandal Hearts
Dragon Quest
Elder Scrolls (I know people will scoff at this one, but I disagree)
Chrono Trigger/Cross
Baten Kaitos
Golden Sun

I think you get the picture.

fonger081504d ago

While most 1st person shooters are realitively short, and are back loaded with MP, I think games are just simplier now. I am by no means one those gamers who plows through the hardest setting with ease, but it seems many action/western rpgs I can just breeze through without even trying (Dark Souls/Demon Souls being the exception). I breezed through GTA, Infamous, Tomb Raider, South Park, Ryse. I understand there's the obvious tacted on side-quest stuff, but it rarely seems to add anything to main game worth enough to add difficulty or depth. It may just be me, I just feel too much has been put into presentation rather than depth or challenge.

Clown_Syndr0me1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

Games are becoming shorter and easier, in my opinion.
Either that or I'm getting much better at them, and playing through them twice as fast.
I'm rather dissapointed though that an increasing ammount of games seem to be released with around 6-8 hour campaigns.
Call of Duty, Battlefield, Ryse, Tomb Raider, South Park, Knack (on easier difficulties) I'm looking at YOU!
But then other games I've played lately like Assassins Creed Black Flag have been good lengths.

Ghost_Nappa1504d ago

In what univers does a cod campaign last over 6hrs?

Clown_Syndr0me1504d ago

The first couple definately did, for me at least.

NexGen1504d ago

Doing everything on infamous ss also takes about 12 hours per morality. I love the game, but it's very short.

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