Driveclub's Microtransactions Detailed, Countries Revealed

Driveclub gets new gameplay footage for your perusal.

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Walker1501d ago

I hate microtransactions !

GarrusVakarian1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

Despite those terribly compressed gameplay videos, this looks awesome. The sense of speed is spot-on, and the night racing looks awesome, with the break lights illuminating your cockpit, and the dynamic shadows being cast on cars and objects in front of you. Very nice attention to details.

And i love the transition from night to day in the first video, the graphics on the environment are great.

All we need now is direct-feed Gamersyde footage!


GarrusVakarian1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago ) going full blackout for this game now. I've seen gameplay, i know i want it day one, so there's no reason to make the same mistakes i made last gen, seeing too much gameplay before a game is actually released. No more DC articles for me.

See you guys on the October, lol.

Destrania1501d ago

My God this game looks so amazing. See you in October as well!

Angels37851501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

You know what impresses me more than the cars?


LIKE WTH it looks like Im watching a PLANET EARTH SPECIAL?!?!?!?!?!?

This game makes any racing game cry in terms of graphics!

heisenberguk1501d ago

AI looks kinda robotic like Gran Turismo on one of the vids!

Angels37851501d ago


Second off you must not have watched the entire video...maybe just the first 3 second of the race where all the AI even in real life seems robotic since there is no room to move.

Later he gets in a position battle with a yellow Bentley that was very good racing AI

GameDev11501d ago


I have seen you on another Driveclub article, instead of trying to bad mouth it but say you don't like it, its not like you are ever going to play it

heisenberguk1501d ago

HUH? If that was your way of calling me a troll it's called having an opinion! Not every opinion on everything Sony related HAS to be positive!(Even on THIS site!)

GameDev11501d ago


Definitely seems more like trolling than constructive criticism of the game

"Not every opinion on everything Sony related HAS to be positive!"

I dislike that sentence, tries to justify your said "opinion"

What do i care if you say negative things about Sony, its not like they are paying me to defend them.

heisenberguk1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

No you're doing it FOR FREE!! And I will try the PSPlus version and might even buy it, who knows!(yes I do own a PS4)

Godmars2901501d ago

Thought they weren't going to be able to do night/day transitions?

GarrusVakarian1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

Nah, that was just a misleading title for an article that made people confused. The devs said it wouldn't feature a day/night cycle that changes in real-time depending on the time of day where you live. But as you can see, it clearly features a day/night cycle, that the player can control the rate of, it's just not 1:1....and i don't know why anyone would want it to be, lol.

Godmars2901501d ago

"i don't know why anyone would want it to be, lol."

Turn 10 especially if they can't put night/weather effects into the next Forza.

Why would they want to be one-uped more than they already have been in that regard?

Kurisu1501d ago

I thought that as well. Maybe this has been edited together to show the same car and track at different times of day?

GarrusVakarian1501d ago

It's not edited. Players can set the time of day at the start of the race and then they can also set the rate at which it changes from day-night, or from night-day.

rdgneoz31501d ago

As Lukas_Japonicus said, the day-night cycle is not linked to the real world clock. If it was, a lot of people would be playing night time games because of work and school.

MainstreamGamer1501d ago

I'm not sure if you are ignorant or just plain stupid. Sorry if it seems like am attacking you personally, but I just like pointing out stupidity. That one article about not having day to night transition was just plain misleading.

ginsunuva1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

"Face it genious: You've been played!"

Those journalists got you. You just fell for a purposely misleading headline.
That'll teach you to not just see a headline and believe it immediately.

Masterh0ppa1501d ago

uber arcade racer.. no thank you

akaFullMetal1501d ago

Well that's too bad, but at least you can try it for free with PSPLUS.

weirdo1501d ago

best looking driving game ever imo - hurry the funk up october

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