Bound By Flame Review | Saving Content

Excerpt: "Engaging in combat with enemies is tactical, in that you must think about who you’re facing off against. Most strategies involve making one or two hits and then back off for the return attack. There’s something off about attacks, they don’t always seem to land when watching the animation in motion. Oddly enough, some hits from the enemy cannot be blocked or parried and often result in a knockdown. This is somewhat acceptable for standard enemies, but on the second boss encounter, this becomes frustrating beyond concern. Upon being knocked down, you will be mercilessly attacked with no way of defending yourself from this onslaught. Even upon your standing up animation, the attacks can continue until death. Often I had to “cheese” boss encounters by running in circles to give myself respite, and so that my health regenerated to full. I eventually had to lower the difficulty to easy to progress. Most battles and boss fights beyond this were manageable until the final boss fight, which is an enraging mess yet again. And not in any way challenging."

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