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New DRIVECLUB videos show how Clubs, Face-offs and Challenges work

Playstation :

"In DRIVECLUB you’re never alone. It brings people together. From the hardest of the hardcore, to the occasional player, it’s you and your five mates against the world. Driving together to win together." (Driveclub, PS4)

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GribbleGrunger  +   104d ago
Weather ... He said WEATHER!

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imt558  +   104d ago
I hope so.

@ 1:35 ( 2nd clip ).
isthe  +   104d ago
I`ve never really been into racing games, but the amount of detail put into is INSANE
XiSasukeUchiha  +   104d ago
Weather.... insane


Have fun with your butchered, and limited Forza 5.
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Daves  +   104d ago
I get attached to certain cars and stick with the ones I like, so for me, I'd choose more routes/circuits over cars.
MonsterChef  +   104d ago
Kinda puts it into perspective it seems like this game takes in a lot of data in real time to produce challenges and keep the game fresh in the same lap I'm looking forward to it
GamingSinceThe80s  +   104d ago
I hope Sony let's these guy's make a Motorstorm game for PS4 next.I just picked up all the PS3 ones the other day and man have I been missing out on a great bunch of games.They are a little hard to get the hang of a first but once you do they are insanely fun.I will get Drive club too because it look's great and is made by the same team,but I have alway's liked arcade racers the best.PS4+Motorstorm=mind blown!
grailly  +   104d ago
yeah, I'm giving a chance to drive club just because evolution made it. otherwise I wouldn't be too interested.

motorstorm: PR might be my favorite PS3 game, it's just so much fun!
Jamaicangmr  +   104d ago
Damn i really can't wait to play this game. I just need them to give us a list of wheel support i got a DFGT and i wanna know it's supported.
SniperControl  +   104d ago
Good question, i got the Logi G27, want to know if that works as well.
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FriedGoat  +   104d ago
Me too. Would love if it worked
Masterh0ppa  +   104d ago
Not excited for this game. Gonna be freaking arcadisch
Jamaicangmr  +   104d ago
Not going to disagree with you i just wanna know why do you think so?
Flamingweazel  +   104d ago
The world does not revolve around you.
SniperControl  +   104d ago
That's because it is supposed to be, leave the Sim aspect to Polyphony with GT7.
FriedGoat  +   104d ago
My dream is a new project Gotham, this will do!
spence52490  +   104d ago
I'll take a game with 50 cars that look amazing over a game with 200 cars that look mediocre. You people act like 50 cars is 4 cars. Anyone who plays GT will tell you they never even drive more than 15 cars. Once you get a favorite your gonna use it all the time. This just means way more attention to detail will be paid to the cars and tracks and overall performance on the game. The only thing I'm not to thrilled about is the 30fps but hey we did it all last generation with no issue so why complain now.
LiViNgLeGaCY  +   104d ago
Sooooooooooo excited for this!!!
Destrania  +   104d ago
I'm going to sink so many hours into this game. Stoked.
windblowsagain  +   104d ago

Forza5 is a decent looking game yes and it does run @ 60fps/

But, it has Baked lighting, 2d crowds,low quality foliage, It's a track racer.

DRIVECLUB has dynamic lighting, weather, high quality assets, huge vista's.

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