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A look at Spiders action role playing game on PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC platforms. Is it worth diving in or avoiding like a demonic plague.

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ShadesMoolah1388d ago

some mixed reviews for this game which makes choosing all the more harder. Hmmm

starchild1387d ago

This is a great review. Very fair and covers all the salient points. I agree with most of his opinions about the game. I would personally give the game an 8, but this was a well done review.

richierich1388d ago

Its mainly the websites that want hits that are giving the game higher scores. They give good games low scores though

SolidDuck1388d ago

Ya that's mostly true but game informer gave it an 8 so it really is mixed from high and low profile review sites.

CrashJones1388d ago

maybe in some cases, but I haven't clicked on the article yet, but the title sums up my experience with the game so far.
Maybe a bit rough around the edges when you take into account it is also "next-gen", but I'm having fun with it.
Hilarious at times and interesting.

CrashJones1388d ago

Now that I've listened to the review, I think he did a good job of it. I feel similar.

morganfell1388d ago (Edited 1388d ago )

Vulcan has a wry sense of humor and I am digging the writing in the game. The game does have soem rough spots but it also has very intricate and nuanced choices that matter in crafting and combat.

osborn20091388d ago

I gave it a high score, but not because I want more hits. I had the game ahead of release date and before the embargo was lifted, so I had no idea that it would get such vastly different scores. I scored it high because I loved the game. Here is mine:

RaidensRising1388d ago

4/10 from Gamespot seems pretty harsh but not totally from the left field looking at some other reviews around the net. I'd wait until this is bargain price first.

Eonjay1388d ago

Reviews for this game are completely across the board. Don't really know what it all means. I say give the game a try.

kazuma9991388d ago

I liked it more than assassin's creed.

uth111388d ago

Maybe it comes down to expectations? I understand this is a low-budget game. Reviewers accustomed to AAA RPGs are giving it a low score. While others who don't go into it with that expectation are finding it enjoyable?

IDK just guessing

osborn20091388d ago

I totally agree. I knew all along that Spiders was a very small developer. I never expected a Skyrim-like game. And because of that, I think I enjoyed the game immensely for it.

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