Nintendo Aren't Bigots, They're Just Cowards

Dealspwn writes: "Not content with public outcry, NoA decided to transform discontent into disaster with an utterly horrendous public statement. Some pundits and gamers have now even accused The Big N of being bigoted and prejudiced as a result.

But here's the thing. Nintendo aren't homophobic. They're just terrified.

Nintendo are terrified of absolutely everything, to be clear. They're scared of sex. They're petrified by graphic violence. They can't stomach the idea of sexuality or even romance of any sort - remember, this is a company who'll cut away from a heterosexual peck on the cheek because it's a bit racy. More than anything, though, Nintendo are scared of scandal."

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blue_cheese1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

Nintendo should've just made a life sim like Tomodachi Life with as little restrictions as possible. Nintendo could've dodged ever having to take a stance of heterosexual and homosexual marriages by just allowing Tomodachi characters to marry in the most general sense. Create character, find another character, and marry that character; Nintendo making the marriage system gender specific was dumb on their part. As much as i think fighting for marriage equality is more important in real life, rather than for a video game; Nintendo creating a life sim and putting marriage restrictions in place so that homosexual gamers can't play the game the same way as heterosexual gamers was asking for controversy. Nintendo should take a page from Bioware and Bethesda, if your making your game about player's choices, include as many choices as possible for players to choose from. Limiting your audience to only certain default ways of playing is never fun. I'm a straight guy, but in Mass Effect i played as fem-Sheppard and had her get into relationships with some of the female characters throughout the games, it made for a more entertaining and different experience.

ShaunCameron1535d ago

Yeah. How dare Nintendo stand up to the gay-rights lobby group and tell them "NO!"