Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate PS4 screenshots show streaming, pre-order costumes

Tecmo Koei released new screenshots of Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate on PS4.

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NewMonday1443d ago

yet another 3rd party game skipping the XBone, things are getting much worse for MS.

AceBlazer131443d ago

Japan gets all the stuff. Tecmo brings their stuff to the west frequently right?

GutZ311443d ago

Yes. Dynasty Warriors 8 was available after April 4th in the US, only 10 days after it released in Japan.

DCfan1443d ago

I thought DW8 came out in August or something. You sure??

madjedi1442d ago

It's likely he is refering to the dw8 xl complete edition for ps4, i have had since march 25. Not sure maybe the ps3 version of xl released on april 4th.

Is this for the us/eu release or japan, because being the Japanese release would explain the lack of a xb1 version.

GutZ311442d ago

Yeah, was talking about the PS4 version.