Nazis In Video Games – Enough Already

The latest instalment in the Wolfenstein series lands later this month, and its depiction of Nazi villains has once again been censored in Germany.

Rather than scoffing at this move, however, Natasha Bissett argues that the gaming industry should spend less time re-hashing old conflicts in ludicrous, pseudo-serious ways.

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DLConspiracy1384d ago

So the game is no longer about Nazi being killed endlessly? Its some other insignia? Well I understand as its a huge deal in Germany. Glad its not going to be changed historically elsewhere.

Tbh the entire story is based on history and the what if factor. Its Wolfenstein. That the way its supposed to be. Despite that this is a rather morbid stain in mankind. Is it really worth sweeping this history under a rug? We should remember the tradjedy as a reminder of how bad things can get so we don't allow it to happen again.

AgentSmithPS41383d ago

The trouble is that many people don't remember the small but important things that lead up to the many tragedies in human history all over the world.

Monolith1383d ago

Like say Obama. The executive orders hes has signed into law are some if not more threatening then what Hilter would be able to accomplish in those days. But everyone turns a blind eye because they either dont want to be labeled a racist or to stupid to look at the real picture of our future and rather stoke themselves.

combolock1383d ago

How about Wolfenstein (is that the name of the character? I don't know because this game looks like shit)attacks some terrorists that knocked down the twin towers?

mediate-this1383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

To the victor goes the spoil of war along with the right to write history, the allies committed heinous crimes as big as the axis, just the allies won, so they wrote history, while jews are being killed in europe blacks were being lynched and treated as second rate humans in the states.

Ironic too, treat them as such and then ask them to fight for the country that treats you like an animal.

Genocide is wrong to any race. So much history that has been swept under the rug, ww2 was about more then the average person thinks.

aliengmr1383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

America has certainly done some horrible things, but nothing on the order of systematically exterminating 6 million innocent people. Not to mention starting a war that cost 60+ million lives.

While blacks were treated horribly (and racism in the US still exists) that was not genocide. Not even close. There isn't much worse than segregation or slavery, but what the Nazi's did was.

We rightly deserve to be called out on the terrible things we've done, I wish more Americans would humble themselves by admitted our mistakes, but lets not pretend that its even remotely close to what happened during WW2.

Lets not forget either that America isn't the only country that likes to gloss over their shady pass or still has issues with it.

mediate-this1383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )


Was not just jewish people that were killed in mass numbers, north africans, any race not the might onde haired blue eyed god in hitlers eyes, and although more jewish were killed that does not take away that fact.

400 plus years of africans being slaved and killed, whole neighbour hoods terrorized in the states for being black communities.

Different ways of going about taking down a race.

Mutant-Spud1383d ago

Nazism was just Stalinism for Germans, the race thing is way overblown, the allies fought the war for their own gain and came up with the horror stories afterwards. Before and during the war the allies couldn't have given a shit about Jews or Slavs, they just needed to explain why 140,000 Americans and millions of Europeans had to die.
The primary goal of Nazism was socialism and like all socialists the method they used was terror,if you put all the socialists in a line Hitler doesn't stand out from the others in terms of cruelty.

Chrischi19881383d ago

You know, funny is what israel did recently. Every believing jew is allowed to live in israel. But in Africa there are african jews,,they also have the right to live there, but during a routine checkup with the doctors, before entering israel, the doctors gave these black jews a injection and said it is a vaccination, but actaully with that shot these people were sterilized... irony, some should think the jews shouldve learned their part about being racist after ww2...

Mutant-Spud1383d ago

That's not exactly true, there was a scandal in Israel over African women being duped by social workers into having contraceptive implants, they don't sterilise them.

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Jonny5isalive1383d ago

In Germany all the Nazis in the game have been replaced with Jews. It is more acceptable to them lol.

MWH1383d ago

it's still happening, but we learned how to hide it.

ATi_Elite1383d ago

you are either killing Nazis, Russians, or Aliens in video games.

I think Russians would be tired of being the bad guys seeing how they too were killing Nazis in WWII.

Sorry but North Koreans are the new unofficial bad guys.

Not gonna go with Terrorist because depending on whose story you are listening too they could be considered "Freedom Fighters"

Now Aliens, sorry but if you got the technology to get to Earth we already know you are NOT coming here in peace just like Humans discovering other Humans on Earth with lower technology, it never ended well for the party with Lower Technology.

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shodan741384d ago

The Wolfenstein series is actually pretty interesting, because it's alternated between being a silly, tongue-in-cheek pastiche and a straight-faced, gritty FPS.

Given how drab the 2009 game was, at least The New Order looks comparitively intriguing!

cfc781384d ago

Who cares we all love shooting the nazis games need enemies and who better than one's that are universally hated and deservedly so.

AgentSmithPS41383d ago

I'll only be against this game if it doesn't have those cute soldiers with the powerful cleavage like one of the others before it.

KinjoTakemura1383d ago

What's wrong with killing Nazis in a video game?

ovnipc1383d ago

Its very wrong cause lots of them just follow orders ans some were fathers, sons and has families too. Most of the military tech and strategy we have today its cause of them. But aome were animals that deserve to die in pain. They just keep beating a horse thats been dead. But the winner writes history and nothing can be done. At lest this bad enemies are the waffen ss and not the whermatch that were honorable soldiers.

Clown_Syndr0me1383d ago

You could say exactly the same about any in game enemies that are based on true events.

KinjoTakemura1383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

Just following orders is not an excuse to commit genocide. They could have refused or simply pretended to follow orders. Anyone who believes in or follows orders that result in mass genocide deserve nothing less than a swift and extremely painful death. The phrase "Just following orders" is an excuse for people who are cowards.

isthe1383d ago

eh it was getting old anyways

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