Gamers Must Choose What Type of Oddworld New ‘n’ Tasty Trophies They Like

Junkie Monkeys: A recent poll set up by the community team for Oddworld New ‘n’ Tasty is specifically asking for help from PlayStation gamers.

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CaptainSellers1443d ago

Be nice if more devs did this, we may see less MP trophies with absurd requirements that you can't get a month after release when the servers become a ghost town and the devs eventually shut it down

porkChop1443d ago

The way I see it, when a games servers shut down the game should be patched to give everyone all the multiplayer trophies so they aren't blocked from the Platinum.

CaptainSellers1443d ago

That would certainly be nice :)

Solid_Penguin-641443d ago

Fully agree, this has stopped me from getting a lot of platinums, e.g. Ghosts (extinction), Blops 2 (zombies), TR, GOW:A, GTA IV etc.

Roccetarius1443d ago

As much as i dislike ME3, the game had a few achievements you could unlock in both SP and MP. That way you would still be able to get the achievements / trophies, without being forced to go online.

rivencleft1443d ago

The reason I didn't PLAT Far Cry 3 was because of the stupid co-op trophies, could never find enough people playing it and then when I did they were so bad at it I kept dying when they were supposed to be covering. But that is a very good idea about the server shut downs.

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Massacred1443d ago

Up-bubbling you to infinity.

Massacred1443d ago

What are we voting for?

TheGrimReaper00111443d ago

I'd rather have one set of trophies across the platforms
Having many trohpies is fine, but that would mean you'd have to beat the game at least 3 times to get the trophies

I'd rather have many and creative trophies in a single turn, than get the same trophy 3 times. Either way, I'll be fine though, I luv me some oddworld :D

Solid_Penguin-641443d ago

What was in that burrito? - Fart 100 times
Mukodon Popped! - Accidently killed 10 Mukodons in a row
Sligger - Defeat 10 Sligs without dying
Here Boy! - Lured a Slog into a trap
Hello! - Saved your first Mukodon
A Real GentleDon - Saved all Mukodons

I could go all day...

Rockefellow1443d ago

Oh man, "sligger..." the hypersensitive, trigger-fingered pedantic journalists around here would have a field day with that one

rivencleft1443d ago

That's awesome, if only more Devs were doing this, giving the community an option to pick the trophies they want in game.