CD Projekt CEO said ‘There is no Risk of Loss on The Witcher 3′ In an interview with Reuters, Polish video game developers CD Projekt Red has declared that they are not worried whether Witcher 3 manages to sell enough copies or not.

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DemonChicken1442d ago

And they shouldn't, considering the hype and past experiences, almost everyone I know is interested in getting the Witcher 3 cuz it's going to be awesome, I will be getting the CE =D

I also admire them in their stance in regards top DRM

ThichQuangDuck1441d ago

Collector's Edition for me as well. Want to give them as much money as possible. Will be my main game of the Spring.

showtimefolks1441d ago

not only will i get witcher 3 on ps4, but if they make the first 2 available in a collection for next gen consoles i will get that too.

you have my money, take your time please go out with a bang to end the trilogy

solar1441d ago

they have a following much like Valve does. CD pulls no bullshit, and listen to their customers.

ArchangelMike1441d ago

Yeah, I'm actually playing through Witcher and Witcher 2 Enhanced Editions, in anticipation of this game. I guess the delay was good for me in that I can catch up on the story.

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Sly-Lupin1441d ago

Yeah, they've certainly got a ton of hype for Witcher 3. Which is amazing, when you consider the history of the series. The first game was built on the NWN2 engine and barely got made... then they soaked so much money into a console port that never materialized that they could barely afford to develop the sequel.


The only real fear I have for Witcher 3 is that it will be just as unoptimized as Witcher 2. Well, I suppose I could always get the PS4 version. For everything else: I have faith.

lemoncake1441d ago

They have the hype, now they just need to deliver a great game.

Dark111441d ago (Edited 1441d ago )

I still can't believe that witcher 2 budget was $10 million.
that game was better than most of AAA games these days.

GeraltofRivia1441d ago

Every bit of news, videos, screenshots, etc. about the Witcher 3 just blurs into one thought for me. I want this game more than any other game.

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The story is too old to be commented.