.hack//Versus and .hack//The Movie on sale at huge discount

Right now, the .hack PS3 fighting game plus CG movie combo is marked down from $70 retail to $19.99. A pretty huge discount and good deal for .hack fans.

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Sly-Lupin1560d ago

Hybrid-packs are such a ripoff.

knifefight1560d ago

In general.
But at $20, this is a pretty rad deal for fans, especially since .hack has always been multimedia (manga, anime, and games) since the beginning.

One could probably even be really devious and order this for $20 and resell it for MORE than that on eBay after getting your money's worth XD

Sly-Lupin1559d ago

Well, yeah. A hybrid pack is only $20 worth of content, at best, and the MSRP is closer to $90.

3-4-51559d ago

* This should happen:

* .Hack Collectors pack HD remake.
* They release them in physical copies though, and it cost a few bucks extra because of it.

Vita or PS4

LiViNgLeGaCY1560d ago

Does this have English captions? Just curious.

Pikagreg1560d ago

No subs for the game or the movie unfortunately :(

sypher1560d ago

Ordered! Thanks for letting us know. Always wanted to give the fighting game a try just for curiosity but the price was too much. :)

Agent_hitman1560d ago (Edited 1560d ago )

I have watched this movie and I'm still keeping the copy until now.. I love the story, you guys should watch this movie as well.. I'm pretty sure you will like it.. Trust me