Bound by Flame PS4 vs PC HD Video Comparison

Watch a graphics comparison between the PS4 and PC versions of Bound by Flame.

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generic-user-name1529d ago

Looks like the contrast is turned up on PS4.

Eddie201011529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

It is(Brightness level), isn't no where near that bright on my TV and PS4.

Meltic1529d ago

lol pc looks more better. More cleared Picture. Thats games should look alike.

ftwrthtx1529d ago

I'm more interested in game quality. Does the PC suffer glitches? I have yet to find one on the PS4

Amiroo1529d ago

yeah, it has glitches but it didn't broke my game yet and performance issues as well. in jungle in the second chapter of the game i have more than 20 frame drop. it goes to 40 in some places on PC, and it's not my system, it's the game's poor optimization.

ftwrthtx1529d ago

With the graphics not exactly maxed out on the PS4, I haven't had that problem, even when the screen is full of enemies and action.

Thanks for the info

Meltic1529d ago

me2 the frame drop is so bad... thats why im going for Watch dogs for ps4...

Amiroo1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )


if it don't go under 30fps and you are using an nvidia card (amd have something similar but i don't know where it is), go to mvidia control panel and then 3d settings, then press the ADD button and add bound by flame execution to it, then go down to options (last one) change v-sync to half refresh, it locks your game to 30fps and it runs smooth all the time.

and for the second part, i don't have any consoles and i play only on my PC, but what you are saying is true. of course PS4 doesn't have the pc luxury in graphics or options etc but at least it's a safe bet.

np dude ;)
i don't have problems with explosives (traps,fireballs) or number of enemies on screen too, it drops when nothing is on screen, lol, kind of funny but it drops when nothing happens, specially when waters involved

brich2331529d ago

Pc looks better obviously, especially at the water scene at 2:40

pennywhyz1529d ago

Wow.. PC's are amazing.

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