Ace Combat on PS4: "We would love to look into it," says lead producer

Gamereactor talked free-to-play with Ace Combat Infinity's lead producer, Kazutoki Kono, at this year's Level Up event in Berlin. We found out more about the aerial combat coming to PlayStation 3, and asked whether we'll be seeing the game on other platforms.

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theXtReMe11475d ago

So, basically we are probably never going to see an Ace Combat on the next gen systems because it all relies on how well Infinity does, as to whether they even start production. So if we do see an Ace Combat game it's going to be at the end of the generation, because they haven't even started thinking about it yet. Totally sucks, as it wasn't our fault they made the crappy Ace Combat Assault Horizon. They need to just sell the franchise to a capable developer.

This has been one of my favorite games, if not the favorite game, in the history of gaming. To see its future in jeopardy, because the developer decided to go off on a tangent, is very disappointing.

asmith23061475d ago

Yeah, the PS2 Ace Combat games were great, even the PSP games weren't bad. Was all down hill from there.

Inception1475d ago

"basically we are probably never going to see an Ace Combat on the next gen systems because it all relies on how well Infinity does"

I'm a beta tester for Infinity and really enjoying the game. And looking at other beta tester responses, i'm 90% positive Infinity will have a good success.

But if you really want a next gen Ace Combat, as fellow AC fans i'll suggest you to download Infinity in the end of this month. You don't have to buy any items or play it, just download it. It's free though and better than you do nothing and see our favourite franchise died.

XiSasukeUchiha1475d ago

So Ace Combat for PS4 confirmed

amnalehu1475d ago

The voice threw me for a moment! Warm up those DS4's! Bring it to Project Morpheus!

GarrusVakarian1475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

Man, image a game like this Morpheus, it would be epic.

realdeal1475d ago

Ive always been a fan of ac. Ac4 and ac zero were the best ones imo.

Matt6661475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

AC 2 is my favorite AC but that my opinion

Thomaticus1475d ago

Well I'll look into picking up AC4 once it's released for ps4.

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