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Mikelarry983d ago

I better what kind of nonsense were they thinking if they thought people would be like " ok im fine with that"

GarrusVakarian983d ago (Edited 983d ago )

Great news for digital-only gamers. Shouldn't have been an issue in the first place (i honestly don't know how Sony thought people wouldn't go up in arms about this), but hey, at least it's been addressed quickly.

New footage releasing in a couple of hours, can't wait!

bub16983d ago

new footage? where can i see this!!!!!!

GarrusVakarian983d ago (Edited 983d ago )


Soon, within the next hour, i think. No doubt it will be posted here straight away anyway, so just keep N4G open.

Hopefully we can get the direct feed footage from Gamersyde, YouTube footage just won't cut it with this game!

Massacred983d ago

You see no other gaming company can ever compete with Sony because of stuff like this. They are just masters at listening to what people want and are going to generate tons and tons of good will before controversys even have a time to grow.

KAEM7983d ago

It was simply badly formulated first time...

randomass171983d ago

Honestly I think this was a form of experimentation on Sony's part. Testing the waters, shall we say. Not the safest route for sure...

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kingPoS983d ago (Edited 983d ago )

I guess that what happens when your every word is put under the microscope of the internet. Proportions are blown up and assumptions are made, stuff like that happens... I guess.

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Eonjay983d ago

The demand to keep the game you paid $50 for is a reasonable demand and I'm glad to see the fanbase is willing to fight back. Its very simple, companies try to get as much as they can from us. And we try to get as much as we can from them. But if you paid for the content, it should be yours.

Why o why983d ago (Edited 983d ago )

Eonjay, yep. They don't pay any of our bills. . Respect them but never put your guard all the way down or give em lube. Keep them on their toes.

kingPoS983d ago


All it took was an edit to throw people into a tailspin. I think... sometimes they get a kick out of seeing the reactions. Heck, it's part of reason we see outlandish headlines all the time on n4g.

Priceless reactions... and all that other stuff.

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randomass171983d ago

Sony is a fabulous technology and entertainment company and they have been my favorite in gaming for years. That doesn't mean I have to agree with everything they do, least of all when it comes to the ownership of my digital content. I'm proud of my fellow fans for being able to speak out against what they feel is an unfair decision on Sony's part.

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Kayant983d ago (Edited 983d ago )

And we are back. It's great at times like this we can get companies to reverse stupid decisions.

Darkstares983d ago

That's the power of social media. Great news!

randomass171983d ago

Social media and very passionate fans. :)

imt558983d ago (Edited 983d ago )


Twitter campaign worked! I think now that Francis will love Driveclub!

Well, don't forget. Today new gameplay video will be shown.

EDIT ( from Twitter ) :

Luke Karmali [email protected]

If you're interested in Driveclub, keep your eyes on @IGN in about three hours time. Big stuff happening.

amnalehu983d ago

Funny how now one complained about Outlast or Bioshock Infinite, or any other PS+ free game for that matter that has paid DLC. Glad people can now find something else to whine about.

domford1981983d ago

Not really DLC tho is it, it's an upgrade to a full game that was potentially being tied to you having a PS Plus sub.

However, why anyone would not have a ps plus sub if they have ps4 is beyond me anyway, but still...

amnalehu983d ago

You can call it an upgrade. You can call it DLC. Bioshock Infinate has over $30 worth of Upggrade/DLC. If you have the PS+ version and you buy all the DLC you won't be able to play it until you either re-activate your sub or buy the retail version of the game. But I agree. Why have a PS4 without PS+.

TimeSkipLuffy983d ago

PS+ is a game renting system. The cheapest I know unless you borrow the game from a friend. If you give back your rented game you can't play DLC as well.

Here we are talking about an upgrade to a full game. Imagine a renting service that allows you to pay a fee to get the full version and keep it.

TheRocksStrudle983d ago

You know damned well why everyone went up in arms. Sure as hell werent the playstation fans like the rock. The rock may have the millions "And Millions" but the great one is and always will be. One of the players

KwietStorm983d ago

Nobody complained because that's completelt different. Smarten up.

Lazyeye79983d ago

This isn't the same thing at all. If you buy DLC for a game you got free on PS+, you still keep the DLC when your sub ends, you just have to buy the game to use it.

amnalehu983d ago

Exactly. You can call it flowers growing in the snow. Its money spent on something you can't use unless you maintain your subscription. In that regard, its no different from any other game where you can pay for additional content. Like Lazyeye79 says, you still keep your DLC (or what ever you choose to call it) when your sub ends, you just have to BUY the game to use it. It's all a moot point now with regard to DC but the same issue remains with Outlast, Bioshock 2, Bioshock Infinite, and any other PS+ game that does or will offer PAID content.

admiralvic983d ago

@ Amnalehu

Contrary to what you believe, they're completely different situations. For starters, if you were to buy say BioShock Infinite's DLC and let your Plus lapse, then you can simply buy the game and the content would work again. However, the content in DriveClub isn't DLC, but the game itself, so buying the physical version would just be more money to remain on square one, since PS+ edition and the upgrade are equivalent to the physical version. The other main issue wasn't the policy per se, but the cost. I think many people would be okay with a PlayStation Plus locked version if the DLC was in the $10 - $15 range (giving you a $40 dollars savings), versus $50, as I can easily preorder the physical version (without any restrictions) for $50 today or simply wait a few weeks to get the game for less or just pay the $10 for the freedom to do whatever I want. Savings is important, but trading $10 dollars for an extremely restrictive item is not a deal.

Godmars290983d ago

Its not the same thing. If you bought DLC for a "free" PS+ game you only get what's coming to you.

randomass171983d ago

That's not a huge deal though. PS+ gives you a lot of benefits, so I cannot see why someone wouldn't want to resubscribe each year and keep those games. Plus, can't you buy a more permanent license when it's on sale anyway?

SoulSercher620983d ago

It's clear you don't know the difference between an upgrade and DLC.

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Majin Uchiha983d ago

Dat 180 :), good to see Sony own up to there anti consumer mistake!

XiSasukeUchiha983d ago

That's smart, every company should do this more often instant 180's not delayed one!

gamer7804983d ago

Very glad Sony and MS realized their mistakes prior to release rather than a delay after launch