Loading Human Dev 'Confident that porting to PS4 won't be that hard.'

VRFocus - Untold Games’ Loading Human has been in the public eye for a quite some time now. Having first been revealed back in January of this year, available for press previews shortly thereafter and subsequently winning awards at Game Connection in March, to say that anticipation for the title was riding high would be an understatement. Untold Games were obviously aware of this at the launch of their Kickstarter campaign earlier this week, revealing that the development had switched to Unreal Engine 4 and that a PlayStation 4 version was also on the cards.

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XiSasukeUchiha1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Yep, it shouldn't be either !

kevco331531d ago

There hasn't been much talk about porting from PC to console on UE4 yet - not that I've heard any way. It's good that the first opinions coming through are positive.

iagainsti1201531d ago

Ue4 has a free update that supports ps4

Snappy1531d ago

After using the oculus dev kit I can safely say VR is real and not a fad

rivencleft1531d ago

This game looks gorgeous in the screenshots, can't wait to actually see it through Project Morpheus!