EA Sports UFC Roster Reveal Shots of Some Fearsome Individuals

EA Sports UFC is in development at EA Canada in Vancouver and will be available for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

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pompombrum1441d ago

Gameplay videos or GTFO.

BX811441d ago

Seriously, the game releases next month and we still don't have full match footage

johny51441d ago

Thank god they added Bruce Lee! that's takes off a lot of character creation time for me but how about adding in Chuck Norris or Jet Lee? Why not?

Hope the character creation is as good as Fight Night Champion because that game had some of the best character creation!

On another note I just created a near perfect replica of Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee on MLB the Show 14 and it's quite amusing...

TM3331440d ago

I kinda thought that was a really buff looking Ronnie James Dio in the pic at first glance. What a legend!