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GR-UK writes: "Dialogue is poorly written, and everything that happens in Bound by Flame's opening hours seems off somehow. The tone of this apocalyptic world is deeply unpleasant, the lines are cliché, the events just plain silly. The combat systems are boring, and stoic adventurers are sidelined by the inclusion of jokes about breasts. Despite the intention of creating a serious fantasy role-playing game, Spiders Studio has decided no lowbrow joke can remain unused. Far from a promising introduction.

"However, the French developer gets its act together. After several hours, as our patience wavers, the team's ambitions become clear, and suddenly the drab greys of this perishing world start to permeate with interesting facts and storylines. The world's unpleasantness lingers, but we at least become immune to it. The jokes gradually evaporate and if the dialogue remains poor, at least it's enlivened by the introduction of new, interesting companions."

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osborn20091349d ago

I can't help but agree that the beginning was not a good indication of how the game would end up. It ended up fantastic. Check out my review: