PS4's Price Dropping as Low as £299 This Week on GameSeek Via Co-Buy Operation

If you live in the UK and you're in the market for a PS4, you may want to wait a couple days, because the British retailer GameSeek announced that as a result of a popular vote the PS4 will receive a "whopping price drop" this week on its online storefront.


Update: according to GameSeek's twitter it's actually happening today.

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TomShoe1413d ago


whats this

price drop

Sony can't seel these PS4s

THeyre dooomed


johndoe112111413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

Does it matter?

@dodgemoose below
what I meant was it's still a great deal even if it's co-buy. I wasn't referring to anything concerning the state of the ps4 sales in the market.

dodgemoose1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

Well, yes. This doesn't really reflect anything about the state of PS4 sales in the general market. The whole point of cooperative buying is to offer lower prices in order to attract a lot of demand in a short space of time. Just a marketing move.

mikeslemonade1412d ago

This is still $413 USD. It's not dropping price here any time soon with this demand. Sure you can get lucky at places like Amazon warehouse deals but msrp is staying at $399.99.

lelo1413d ago

I expect a price drop for the PS4 and X1 (maeby even a Kinectless X1) at E3. It seems sales a slowing down a bit.

yezz1413d ago

Games that will be announced at E3 will attract new wave of buyers so no need for price drops..

rivencleft1412d ago

Ha or an already slimmer model of both systems with a 1TB hard drive, kidding, but I agree with you, I expect to see at least the Xbox One systems being sold without the Kinect soon, or a PS4 bundle with the camera in it, either way it's both a win/win for customers.

GribbleGrunger1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

Go get 'em folks! You're not going to see a deal like this again in a very long time.

Darkstares1413d ago

Do you work for Sony because you sure sound like it.

GT671413d ago

199 is much better

when ps4 hit 199 is when i'll get off the fence and by that time ps4 library should be better.
so far (for my taste alone) all i see DRIVECLUB and PROJECT CARS, possible NFS and Ratchet and clank ps4 game in 2015.

S2Killinit1413d ago

Only for UK. Before anyone gets tge wrong idea.

candy_mafia1413d ago

Dang £299 is an awesome price for PS4!!

If you were unsure about getting one because you were waiting for a price drop, then wait no more.


TRD4L1fe1413d ago

ZOMG price drop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this must mean they're doing horribly

oh lordz plz helps sonyz!!!

right guys???

mark3214uk1413d ago

we can see by the numbers there doing great, we can see by the x1 numbers that there price drop was because the console isnt selling very well and retailers have stock rooms full of them

ps4 is still sold out everywhere

jackanderson19851413d ago

PS4 is no doubt selling extremely well but to say it's still sold out everywhere is just a lie... just pick any store's online website, choose "pick up in store", put in almost any city and there'll be a number of stores that pop up with "in stock"... for example ireland's gamestop has stock on almost all the stores bar one and that's not even a store it's a testing bug to make sure it got picked up... i did the same with the US gamestop site, chose kansas and new york, plenty of stock there too

johndoe112111413d ago


So you basically spend your day searching through online sites around the world just to prove that ps4 is in stock? I seriously have no words for this.

DemonChicken1413d ago

30+ in stock on gameseek, so it's gunna be an extra 30+ sales on top of the 7 million +

marlinfan101413d ago


its not sold out anymore and hasn't been in some time, at least where i live. the gamestops have had them in stock for about a month now. same with target and walmart.

BX811412d ago

LMAO! The PS4 is sold out? C'mon guy give it a rest. Yes the PS4 is dominating sales, but you don't have to lie to prove it!

jackanderson19851412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

@johndoe yeah going to one site is spending all day searching for info... took the whole of maybe 1 minute? oki buddy gotcha took me the whole day sure thing

also god love me actually backing up my statements, it's rare i know but hey it happens shocking stuff i know

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candy_mafia1413d ago

I would never call anyone on here an 'Idiot', because that's a 'Personal Attack'...

But really, I can't stand 'IDIOTS'!!!


We all know Sony have absolutely no reason to drop the price of PS4, since it's selling so well and beating down anything that stands in its way.

TRD4L1fe1413d ago

its called being SARCASTIC

ever heard of it.....Geez you say one bad thing about sony and being get there panties in a bunch.

yes sony is doing great we all know that, so i cant make jokes now, jesus help this place

candy_mafia1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

If it is really 'SARCASM', then make it known by using a very simple...


I suspect you've been here long enough to know that folks will think you're 'Trolling'.

Anyways, no harm, no foul ;)

MasterCornholio1413d ago

Yeah they sold over 7 million already so they must be doing horribly.

I wonder how Microsoft is doing?


TRD4L1fe1413d ago

MS isnt doing bad if that what you're getting at. Obviously not as good at Sony

eventually ill be buying a ps4, but damn you guys take things a little too personal

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