The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Angry Review

Another Spider-man film, another Spider-man Movie Licensed game from Activision. Does Beenox get the chance to elevate spidey from its mediocre prison? Find out!

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Aussiebeachbabe1348d ago

Well done beenox. Way to Some people enjoying game though. Each to their own I say.

ZeekQuattro1348d ago

The game really isn't that bad but man was this review funny as hell.

Mikelarry1348d ago

yup loved it. watch the rambo one that had in me in tears

MasterCornholio1347d ago

Loved it when he said the cover system reminded him of whackamole. LOL

WitWolfy1348d ago (Edited 1348d ago )

Too bad they didnt follow the movie to any extent whatso ever, where the first game actually did.. No Gwen Stacy WTF?!?!

Now I'm glad I deiced to rather get this for my JTAG.

AlexFili1347d ago

Shame that publishers feel the need to rush out games these days. Quality Assurance is something that sadly comes last on the list of important things for development teams to focus on.