Sony on Project Morpheus: 'Not just a peripheral'

VRFocus - A lot has been said about the Project Morpheus virtual reality (VR) device since it’s unveiling at the Game Developer’s Conference (GDC) back in March of this year, with anticipation riding consistently high. Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) themselves have been surprisingly open with the head-mounted display (HMD), touring their GDC line-up across the globe. At a recent stop in London, Simon Benson, Director of SCE’s Worldwide Studios Immersive Technology Group spoke openly about the device and it’s place in the consumer videogame library.

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Blaze9291479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

Let's be real, if it's optional, that's exactly how consumers will see it. Same for Microsoft's.

I don't know too much about these devices but nothing I've heard so far seem to impress me.

LordMaim1479d ago

All it will take to sell me is a new X-Wing simulator game.

rivencleft1479d ago

I agree sir and bubble up for you, X-Wing Simulator = Sold! Pretty much any kind of Star Wars VR game will sell it to me automatically, hmmm imagine being able to watch/control through Vader's helmet in Episode 4 walking through the ship for the first time, then choking a guy, and telling Leia how it is, or looking through Boba Fett's helmet as you're escorting Han Solo in carbonite onto your Slave One, damn nergasm. Looking for love in Alderaan places.

maniacmayhem1479d ago

Yea, I'm not sold on VR as of yet. The fact that it cuts you from all your real surroundings just doesn't appeal to me. Especially with all that goes on where I live.

Martinozmania1479d ago

Where do you live? A fraternity? Jail? A ghetto?

Jughead34161479d ago

I thought about that. You're home alone and using your VR headset. Then someone breaks into your home. Not a good place to be.

zeuanimals1479d ago


You seem really paranoid about people breaking into your house, but are you really? Do you ever leave your house? If so, someone can easily break in. Are you ever asleep? If so, someone can easily break in. Are you ever on the toilet or in the shower? If so, someone can easily break in.

My advice to you, my paranoid friend is this, don't ever leave your house, don't ever sleep, don't ever use the bathroom, and for god's sake! Don't ever dial 911, they're after you too.

But seriously, I live in a dangerous neighborhood and people have broken in. Buy a gun, get ADT security, etc. There's nothing stopping people from breaking in the many other times you're vulnerable or when you're not there, so yeah, ADT is a good idea.

rivencleft1479d ago

And watch out for Bill Gates, he'll get you too..

maniacmayhem1479d ago

Yes, I live in a fraternity that's a jail in the middle of the ghetto.

I remember a lot of folks on N4G were nervous about people seeing them use Kinect when their flailing their arms around, but now this is ok? Completely cut off from all reality with a huge machine strapped to your face? All this reminds me of that semi horrible movie Surrogate.

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Drewidian1479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

I think that the main difference between the two companies offerings will be that Sony's will only work with the PS4. Microsoft's will in all likelihood work with Windows, Xbox one, and Windows Phone due to them not only owning all three platforms, but having universal apps that will work a all of them.

zeuanimals1479d ago

Windows, maybe, but Windows Phone? Probably not. You need a powerful GPU to make VR work, and I don't think people want to be out and about with a VR headset in the first place. I'm fine with having one on in the house since I'm either home alone or home with family, who gives a hoot what I look like or what's on my head when I'm at home?

MS is working on AR, though, and that would be perfect for their phones.

Drewidian1479d ago

@zeuanimals I was really referring to apps that could exist on Windows phone like Smartglass that could interact with a game like we see with Tom Clancy's The Division, but project Fortazella might work when you have access to the cloud to do the rendering for you. If projects like Gaikai's PS Network can do it and stream the interactivity, I'm sure Microsoft can.

S2Killinit1479d ago

All it will take is one playthrough. I was exactly in the same boat until i experienced oculus. If morpheus is anything like oculus, its a day one for me

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Jazz41081479d ago

No its called a accessory or addon like the move.

Number-Nine1479d ago

The VR hype train will derail. They said the same crap about the Move and look how that ended. Plus I'm sure it will cost s pretty penny.

Ill stick to the old fashion two handed remote.

Yaay4me1479d ago

You can play with a two handed remote while using a VR headset. Thats the cool thing about it, you will still be sitting down on your couch except now you will be taken to a whole different environment (maybe an alien planet), as far as your two most complex senses (auditory and sight) are telling you, you are no longer on your couch. Trust me its an "experience". Its the holy grail of entertainment.

starchild1479d ago

I agree completely. When you actually experience VR and the feeling as if you were transported to another place you realize that nothing else can remotely compare. VR is going to be a HUGE part of the future of gaming, entertainment and many other areas of human activity.

XiSasukeUchiha1479d ago

It's expansion on the Ps4's experience.

Josh1011479d ago

The idea of a Matrix game using the Project Morpheus headset has me squeeming in curiosity. This could be AMAZING.

AgentSmithPS41479d ago

We've had our eye on you for quite some time now.

Yaay4me1473d ago

LMAO awesome i just got it ^_^

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