Capcom to Develop More Online Titles like PS4's Deep Down, Lists Six "Powerful Series" Key to Growth

Capcom released a document detailing its upcoming financial and development strategies, and in the slides there are quite a few pieces of information on what the publishers plan to do during the current fiscal year and beyond.

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KingKelloggTheWH1533d ago

I miss when this game was supposed to get a beta with the Japanese PS4 release....:"{ I just want to play it..

NewMonday1533d ago

any news about the western release?

Abriael1533d ago

Nope. I have hope for E3.

ThanatosDMC1532d ago

I want a MonHun game built from the ground up on PS4 with Dragon's Dogma's open world exploration.

randomass1711532d ago

Hang in there! Good things come to those who wait. I learned this when I came back to Nintendo games. ;)

NovusTerminus1533d ago

Devil May Cry, please go back to the Japanese, it was so much better then.

And I REALLY want Ninja Theory to do Heavenly Sword 2.

Ultr1533d ago

hmm I really liked DMC and HS

For all I care Ninja Theory could develope both sequels

Sevir1533d ago

I feel the same way, DmC was awesome!

randomass1711532d ago

Yuck. I must say I disagree. Ninja Theory didn't treat the DMC fanbase very well. I'd rather see it handled by the DMC4 team again and let them continue where that story left off.

Ultr1532d ago

Well Ninja Theory just needs some lessons in respect regarding people not from their studio.
As it seems they always talk bs about everyone. but DMC the Game, was awesome

rainslacker1532d ago

I think NT was rather condescending towards the DMC fan base, but they did produce a pretty good game. I know it didn't live up to the expectations of the DMC fan base though, which it really should being part of that series...reboot or not.

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Matt6661533d ago

As long as there good games capcom not the crap you been coming out with for the last so many years

Palitera1533d ago

They are talking about releasing more pay to progress games and you still hope they do it right? Capcom? Good luck with that.

MysticStrummer1533d ago

Dragon's Dogma was good. I hope for a sequel.

randomass1711532d ago

Capcom has a lot of talented developers and great franchises under their belt. They just need to wise up on the business side of things.

Dchops1533d ago

Hope to see Monster Hunter supported for some time!

Relientk771533d ago

In The future they need to go back to Megaman. Also still not happy with Breath of Fire 6 being a cell phone game

MrSwankSinatra1533d ago

That game shouldn't even be called breath of fire.

gantarat1533d ago

Should use subtitle name (spin-off mobile game)

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The story is too old to be commented.