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Jon of RGN writes, "Bound By Flame is a must-have next-generation game, point blank. Perhaps with a few more tweaks and the addition of co-operative play Bound By Flame could have been a perfect Diamond Game. This Action RPG surprised us and blew away our expectations with a focus on integrating traditionally expected quality into the emerging sub-genre of brutally difficult fantasy combat titles. Spiders and Focus Home Interactive have out-done themselves and we hope to see developers re-think projects currently brewing to make games that are more like this! RealGamerNewz rates Bound By Flame a 9.4 out of 10 making it an RGN Gold Game."

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S2Killinit1533d ago

The game is pretty good actually. Not sure about 9.4 though

osborn20091532d ago

I totally agree that the combat was fantastic! Great review! Check out mine: