Top Ten Most Colourful Games of Last Generation

With the explosive gameplay reveal of Insomniac’s Sunset Overdrive, it seems like everyone has forgotten about the dark, gritty, brown games which dominated the last generation of gaming. The clashing colours, lively explosions and wacky designs are what captured everyone’s attention in the trailer, however, we mustn’t forget that, despite last gen being dominated by boring military shooters, it had its own share of colourful games with stunning art styles.

Here, we count down the top ten most colourful games of last gen!

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Alexious1532d ago

Sunset looks really nice. I do hope more games follow this cheerful trend, although obviously dark and grimy has a place too when it's done right!

kewlkat0071532d ago

So do I.... More Jet Set Radio type of games...

3-4-51532d ago

I've always been a fan of using as many colors as is appropriate with a game.

* The Human Eye can see over 5 Million colors.

We should be using more of them.

Solid_Penguin-641532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

Rather have a game with a distinct art style then simply chasing polys. Hopefully this game is a success and spurs other devs to be more creative.

P.S. Surprised that Bioshock Infinite didn't make it in, very vibrant and Battleship Bay was the definition of immersion IMO.

Alexious1532d ago

I agree, Bioshock Infinite looked fantastic. Too bad it wasn't as good in the other areas

viccrack1532d ago

it was soo much good from the start till the end

LKHGFDSA1532d ago

bioshock infinite is all the same dreary color.
it had a nice art style but I wouldn't call it a colourful game.

Gamoc1532d ago

Bioshock Infinite is by no means dreary, it is bright and colourful almost all the time.

shadow18spirit1532d ago

bioshock infinite should be on the list

LKHGFDSA1532d ago

flower? sonic generations? loco roco?
nice list.

Summons751532d ago

Flower was beautiful, loved that game. Enslaved was an awful game but it was definitely nicely colored and a nice break from all the brown games of the last generation...until you get to the gameplay.

viccrack1532d ago

where is child of light, bioshock infinite

yes i was hoping for okami .:D

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