Nintendo News You Might Have Missed

Besides the lackluster report of their earnings, Nintendo discussed the strategy that will hopefully help the company shape up. This included a few tidbits about what to expect from Nintendo at this years E3.

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herobyclicking1477d ago

The NFP concept really should have been taken advantage of from the get go. Between Skylanders and Infinity, this is a competitive market. This still doesn't mean I won't hand them my money however. By the buckets I am sure.

Knightshade1477d ago

They have a rich cast of characters to choose from, but it's paltry in comparison to Disney's stable. I think Nintendo might be stepping into a space too late once again...

herobyclicking1477d ago

It's depressing really. But I will enjoy it while it lasts, even as they fade into the twilight.

3-4-51477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

I dunno about that Knightshade. A lot of Nintendo's characters are far more likeable or appealing than a lot of Disney Characters, but y ea you are kind of right that Disney just has so many more decades worth of Films to pull from.

On the other side though:

* Nintendo has 700+ Pokemon they can all sell individually and people WILL buy all of them.

So 700+ Pokemon + All the other Nintendo characters and smaller characters within those games.

capitanandi1476d ago

This has a ton of potential. I am intrigued.

herobyclicking1476d ago

I am hopeful AND its nice to have non-doom news for Nintendo.

Knightshade1476d ago

3-4-5 - I didn't even THINK of Pokemon. That's a license to print money right there. Good catch. (and an unintended pun...yea, I'm gonna leave it there)