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"I feel like using an internet meme here, but I’ll refrain myself. However, what I will do, is tell you this – If you’re going into Bound by Flame expecting a role playing game, you’re gonna have a bad time. Ever since its first reveal, the game has been classified as an ARPG (Action Role Playing Game), which would imply that Spiders’ latest is a more fast-paced RPG. Well, the truth is that Bound by Flame is 50% action, 30% boredom, and 20% actual role playing. Let’s get started."

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MeteorPanda1506d ago

thanks for the heads up. was just about to read it :C

still interested in the game just low on funds currently. hope it's good ^ ^

S2Killinit1504d ago

No problem bud. I wish all articles that give away the story had an alert sign. Im also interested in this one.

viccrack1506d ago

this game is soo messy . i cant beleive such a game can be called an rpg .

Summons751506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

If Mass Effect 3 can get called an RPG when it's clearly a third person cover shooter with very minimal rpg elements, than I suppose anything can.

Mass Effect 1 was a massive RPG, 2 took a lot of RPG elements out but still an RPG, 3 was a shooter not even a shadow of it's former RPG. By no way am I disagreeing this maybe a bad game (though I haven't played it for myself yet) but it doesn't look all that great from trailers.

viccrack1506d ago

mass effect was a massive rpg man .way better then this POS

morganfell1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

There are 20 times the RPG elements in this game as ME3. And look at what the people on this site have said that actually purchased and playued the game instead of watching a vid and reading an article. You will see that most people really like it. Game Informer gave it an 8.

LAWSON721505d ago

I do not understand how ME2 is more an RPG then ME3. That game lacked any depth let alone customization, at least ME3 had the latter

MilkMan1506d ago

Here we go again...more click bait.

osborn20091505d ago

I agree. Horrendously titled and an outrageous claim just for clicks. haha.

InTheLab1506d ago

"You can also sneak up on them, but be aware that they’ll immediately detect you after the first blow."

Guard 1: "Dude, thou art bleeding from thine neck"
Guard 2: "sayeth whatttt? Oh well, back to patrols"

This looks like a decent enough game to hold me over until Watch Dogs. Love these fantasy games and they all do have to be AAA.

rataranian1505d ago

Dark Souls 2 has already eaten this game.

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